Back To School Lunches and Workouts

Despite having graduated college in 2006, the end of August will always remind me of pre-season soccer practices and back to school preparation. In college, I did not play a sport and had to stay fit on my own. Not quite comfortable at the school gym, I would work out in my dorm room. I created the below workout using only a textbook for people who share my old feelings. At least if you skip class, you will feel good about using your textbooks to keep off the Freshman 15.

If you are entering college for the first time, don’t freak out about that dreaded number 15 just yet. New studies say that it’s just a myth. In reality, you gain weight cumulatively averaging about 9 lbs if you are a female, 13 if you are a male. Most freshies gained about 5 lbs if any at all. For tips to prevent this from happening, check out my college diet plan guide.

Still in high school or just love a good packed lunch? Check out my favorite quick and healthy school lunch ideas below.

In other COED news, it’s was reported as well that binge-drinking students were happier and more accepted than others. I was kind of surprised by this study. What about you?

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