I’ve been preaching recently about why you should add more protein to your diet. However, since I feel like a broken record as of late, I wanted to share with you some testimonials from my blogger friends and blog readers.

One of my favorite recipe bloggers is Cara Lyons from Cara’s Cravings. Her Pinterest board is drool inducing, and her recipes have been featured in my favorite food magazine Clean Eating. Lyons says, “A couple years ago, I finally figured out that my body prefers a diet high in protein. Eating like this, I feel a lot more efficient in my workouts, and overall more satisfied and energetic.” She also happens to be from a town right next to me!

Dessert blogger, Jenny Darling from Desert Darling, swapped her morning oatmeal for a protein shake. “I recently found myself feeling sluggish & light-headed and knew I had to make a change to re-boot my system,” she confessed in a blog post from a year ago.
“I changed from eating daily oatmeal in the morning to making protein shakes.” All it took was one Blueberry Avocado Smoothie with whey protein powder to convert this sweet tooth expert. By the way, Jenny had one of the most gorgeous weddings I’ve ever seen on Style Me Pretty.

Gabriella Lynch shared with me that she recently lost 12 lbs! “I cleaned up my diet by eating more lean protein, veggies and fruit and started doing p90x. Thanks to my new lifestyle, I overcame my eating disorder and depression. I am Looking and feeling so much BETTER!!” For more on Gabriella’s story, check out her “About Me” section on her blog.

Here are a few more testimonials from Facebook:

“Hi Sarah, I started adding lean protein to EVERY meal. I lost 15 lbs. (that I didn’t know I needed to lose), 8% body fat, added 15 lbs to my front squat in 6 weeks, and I’m finally able to run without knee pain. I am satisfied after my meals and don’t crave sugar nearly as much. I really attribute all of this to protein. I just didn’t eat enough to stay satiated in the past. It requires planning and time in the kitchen, but I love it :)…never going back!” Jill Rodriguez from JillTrains.com

“Over the past year or so, I’ve really focused on incorporating more protein into my diet. I tend to crave sweets a lot, and found a chocolate peanut butter protein bar that fills me up, satisfies my sweet tooth, and is only 200 calories with 20 grams of protein. I love that it keeps me from slipping up on more carb-heavy sweets. I’ve also added soups with beans/lentils as a lunchtime staple. They keep me VERY full, and are great for my vegetarian diet.” Katrina Taylor

One of my favorite chocolate protein bars is the Premier Protein bar, which can be found at Costco, Walmart or Sam’s Club.

“Last year at this time, I quit running…and I love running, but I lost motivation. I started doing your workouts and lost weight after doing them. I then was introduced to all the health and fitness gurus out there like Blogilates. Tone It Up helped me so much with food the most…I didn’t know what I should eat or shouldn’t. I owe it to all them, or I wouldn’t be eating quinoa! Changing my poor diet to a healthy one was the best thing ever. I noticed a huge change in my feelings, attitude, and also noticed no more headaches or drowsiness. One of my biggest issues was getting in vegetables and protein. I look back and I never thought about eating those things…now it is my duty to make sure I get enough protein and vegetables but also good fats and good carbs. I’ve lost 20lbs since last September, because I stopped eating junk food and replaced it with healthy choices. I stopped eating food just because I was bored. I tell myself now to only eat to fuel yourself from the workouts you do. But we all still cheat every once in a while 😉 I’m very thankful for people like Sarah and Tone It Up or just an awesome blogger like PBFINGERS or CarrotsNCake!” Audrey Adams from JavaRun.wordpress.com.

“I find that when I eat more protein I am less likely to be wanting sugary junk… had that epiphany during my half marathon training during the first half of this year. I am now eating gluten-free and very few grains or high starch veggies at all.. mostly proteins, veggies, some fruit and yogurt and nuts, and still lots of whey protein powder. I feel lots better and have no cravings any more at all.” Ellie Erixon from Eatrunsail.blogspot.com/

“I switched a while ago from a carb dense breaky (breakfast) to making my own shakes with a protein powder (or greek yogurt), I also add Natural PB, Chia Seeds, Frozen berries, almond milk and spinach. I find I am fuller much longer, I make it through my morning workout without wanting to eat my arm off on the way home from the gym. I seem to have more energy in my workout and tend to snack less in the afternoon. “ Katie Squires

“I add chocolate protein powder to my plain greek yogurt for the perfect 3 o’clock chocolate craving. Low in calories,,fat and sugar, high in protein and taste! :)” Jennifer McCarthy

“I add chocolate protein powder to cookies and came up with a recipe for protein meal cookies using PB and Protein powder. I use PB2 to get the protein of peanut butter with less calories and fat. I also use a lot of Quinoa in cooking and Chia seeds. I find myself feeling much more satisfied, snacking less, and finding more muscle definition. Overall firmer, as opposed to being thin but not firm.” Createlive

For more ideas on how to incorporate protein into your diet, check out my previous blogs posts for the “Energy For Every Day” contest as well as Premier Protein on Facebook.

As you know, I am hosting a contest through the end of August called “Energy for Every Day.” If you haven’t tried adding protein to your life, now is your chance. Winners will receive a gift pack worth $250 from Premier Protein products, including a $200 cash prize to keep you active and on the go. Think of that running or camping gear you’ve needed, plus more fun swag!

To enter, watch my video below and think about the moment when your energy crashes and you need an extra boost the most. Answer the following question in the comments section of the video: “I need protein most when… ______________” and be sure to check out Premier Protein on Facebook!

You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel in the meantime to make sure you don’t miss the next video when it goes live!

This post is part of a sponsored campaign with Premier Protein. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Need More Proof about Protein? A Collection of Testimonials

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  • allison miller

    I need protein most in the afternoon when I hit my afternoon slump- usually around 3. If I have protein I don’t reach for those other unhealthy choices!

  • Lauren

    I need protein the most after my morning run/ bike/ lifting to keep me full while I study all day to pass my nursing boards!

  • Kelly Ross

    I need protein the most when I am running from school to school picking up my kiddos from school. It’s usually after a hectic day of getting my workout in, cleaning the house , and doing the other hundred and fifty things I have to do before 3:30. Because the dais not over yet. Whew.

  • Wendy Panozzo

    I need protein most when I am training for a race and lifting a lot of weights! I really need it for my everyday lifestyle. About a year ago I changed my diet when i stumbled upon a woman named Tosca Reno thanks to your blog Sarah!! I follow a clean diet now and have lost 12 lbs and look and feel great! So really protein is consumed at almost every meal and I attribute it to keeping my sugar levels right and not crashing and grabbing junk. I think all women should try it and get off the high carb/crash cycle.

  • Cortni

    I need protein most right in the middle of lunch and dinner. I try to make a low calorie shake or grab a protein bar, especially if I have timed my workout to be during this time of the day. If i don’t have protein I will literally snack on anything that’s laying around until dinner.

  • Janelle

    I need protein most when I get off work at 5:00 or else I’m tempted to delve into unhealthy snacks & sit in front of the TV all evening!

  • AnnMarie

    I need protein most when the kiddos are waking up from their nap (3pm) and it’s time to start dinner, help with the older kids homework and clean up a bit. 4 kiddos 6 and under. Yikes.

  • Yvonne

    I need protein most in the morning after I have walked my kids to school and done my crossfit workout! I have been doing crossfit for about 4 months. I am starting to see muscle developing but still need to drop some weight. The weight doesn’t seem to be going down as quickly as I would like it to! I think after watching all your posts about protein that may be what has been missing. I’m about to hit a big milestone birthday (yikes) and want to get really healthy for myself, my family, and especially my two young girls!

  • Grace

    I need protein most in the mornings & mid-afternoon! It’s the perfect way to get my day started & the perfect way to get me through the sometime sluggish afternoon.

  • Katie Kay

    I need protein most in the mornings. I start my day off with satiety that lasts much longer than any breakfast foods and I don’t feel any sugar highs.

  • Jennifer Lindsey

    I need protein the most when after a workout, I find myself in the drive-thru of doughnut or fast food place and confused about HOW did I wind up here? Looking for energy “boost” in all the wrong places . . . .

  • Crystal Gimps

    I need protein most when workout and after my baseball practices. I usually grab a yummy Premium Protein bar.
    I also start my weekday mornings off with a Premium Protein Chocolate Shake for breakfast.
    I go to Costco about once a month and stock up on Premium Protein products.
    I also need protein with every meal and enjoy it very much 

  • Sara

    I need protein most when I’m pulling an all nighter in the library. I WANT to reach for carbs or sugary snacks, but protein is what will keep me going and what won’t cause a crash later on. I need to fuel my body to get through a workout AND grad school. Protein bars are perfect to throw in my bag for this type of thing.

  • Elizabeth

    I need protein the most in the morning and after a workout. If I don’t reach for protein, I find myself making unhealthy choices or being tempted all day(and sometimes the night too!) After a decade of being a nightly junk food eater, protein shakes are the only thing to help curb my appetite and keep cravings away!!!

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