A Not-So-Relaxing Vacation

After a week on the island of Nantucket, I am back on mainland… for now. Vacations are often not the most relaxing experiences. Despite needing some needed rest after my sister’s wedding last weekend, I am utterly and officially drained. The end of summer is always bitter sweet. While on one hand, I’m always sad to see the beach days go, I’m always excited to take advantage of a less packed schedule and peaceful fall weekends. Tomorrow, I am headed to LA for work until Friday and then will be heading straight to Vermont for another wedding.

I took some pictures while on vacation to share with all of you that I thought you would appreciate. Below, is a snap shot of dinner my friend made one evening. It is fluke ceviche with mango and avocado. He did not share the recipe (yet!) but I’m doing my best to get it out of him. 2012 08 14 20 35 21Each night, a different couple makes dinner on our ACK vacations. Most were healthy, mine was probably the least. Roomie and I made steak teriyaki with shrimp skewers, corn on the cobb and my mother’s to-die-for Broccoli Ramen Noodle slaw. Of course I forgot to take a picture.

Using GoRecess, I located a Barre class on the island at a small studio called Define. While it was a more intense, heavy lifting barre class than what I’ve taken in Boston, it was a great workout that left me hot and sweaty.
Barre class on Nantucket

Before I left Boston, I bought a few single serving Vega Sport protein powder packets to make my protein pancakes. Starving after class, I added some peanut butter. I like trying to keep my regular routines while away which is why I bring my favorite foods and try to keep up with my exercise schedule. I obviously find it harder to get back into the groove of things if I do not. Protein Pancakes with Peanut Butter

Before we hit the beach, I packed up my laptop lunch bento box with my sandwich ingredients. This thing was great to have on hand for beach lunches. I used Joseph’s lavash bread but need to make it on the beach because if I do not, the sandwich/wrap gets crazy soggy. The lavash tastes better when made like a panini on a skillet because it gets crispy. 2012 08 16 11 58 25

Thursday morning, I tried out my favorite sweaty cardio interval workout (I posted a video about it last week too).  2012 08 16 11 21 35

I was surprised at how good I felt, despite hanging out late at the Chicken Box. I love running on the island because there are large bike paths for runners to use, but there is no shade!

2012 08 16 11 22 12At the beach on Thursday, we grabbed $1 oysters on Jetties beach at the restaurant. I’m not sure where this obsession came from, but I think it’s safe to say I’ve had my fair share of raw bar this summer.

2012 08 15 16 39 18

Nantucket is one of my favorite places because the town itself is adorable with great shopping, art galleries, good food and even better bars. I finally checked out C.Wonder but left empty handed.
2012 08 18 12 29 43

We cooked in most nights while we were there. We did go to Corazon Del Mar and Cru for dinner. Both were amazing. The scallops at CDM were some of the best I’ve had, and Cru was quite the experience. With a John Kerry (D-MA Senator) sighting, the best calamari I’ve ever had, and tastey swordfish, it was a memorable to say the least.

Now back at my mom’s on the cape, I’m catching up on my week without a newspaper or local television news. Recovering from the bar scene, I needed a comforting breakfast.
2012 08 20 09 09 14

An egg white ham and Laughing Cow Cheese omelette went well with 1/2 of an Ezekial English Muffin with Blueberry jam from Stonewall Kitchen for my first day back at the office after a wedding whirlwind and not-so-relaxing vacation.

In less than two weeks, I move back to Boston and am looking forward to lazy days! Are you looking forward to a relaxing fall or getting ready to go back to school?

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