Healthy Snack Ideas For Traveling

Right now, I am en route to NYC to meet with Jay Cardiello to shoot a live streaming workout! It’s to promote our DVD and I believe it will be on Shape.com at 1PM-1:30PM but am not positive. My train left Back Bay at 6:20AM, which meant waking up at 5:30AM. To prepare, I made oatmeal last night with old-fashioned oats, flaxseed meal, cinnamon and 1 tbsp of Vega Sport Protein Powder. I also packed half a grapefruit, some organic beef jerky from Trader Joe’s and a Lara Bar for snacks on the way home tonight.

[Imagine I inserted an unattractive picture of oatmeal here.]

This is going to be a quick day trip to the big apple which means 7.5 hours sitting. Gotta love it. I’m hoping to make it to a Physique 57 class after I’m done before heading home to Boston.

Normally I like to spend a day or two in the city meeting with friends like Jill and Theodora, but I am leaving on Friday for a 12 days vacation and have lots to pack and plan! Traveling stresses me out.

Last year before I left for Australia, I shared my favorite travel snacks that I like to bring overseas. I thought it would be fun to revisit my old favorites and see if my taste buds had changed.

I mentioned Mini Babybel Cheese, which is still a low carb go to of mine with 6 g of protein and just 50 calories. How cute is the picture above? I saw it on Pinterest and think I’ve found an activity for the plane. I mean, I’ll only be on it for 9 hours… My master piece might come out better than a Michelangelo. The red wax keeps the cheese fresh longer than normal to-go cheese snacks making it perfect for long flights.

In addition to the standard serving sized raw trail mix from Trader Joes I brought last year to Australia, I’m also bringing along a new favorite snack, buffalo jerky. I’m currently loving the Trader Joe’s organic brand.

I also remembered that I saw a post from Jamie Eason, one of my fitness idols, showing off her travel goodies from a recent trip to Haiti. While I understand Haiti has limited resources, visiting any country that speaks a foreign language makes buying a quick convenient snack challenging. I have not heard of some of the brands she pictured, like Sweet Sue. The below picture is from her Facebook page.

While she shows off ThinkThin bars, which I think taste great, I’ve been trying to stay away from soy protein from non organic sources and that is where it comes from when you eat a ThinkThin bar. Instead, I’ve been really enjoying the Vega Sport Recovery bars. Yes, they are meant for after workouts, but they are awesome and nutritionally great so I don’t care.

I’m going to bring some fruit for extra fiber and hydration, which is always good to eat on vacation for obvious reasons. Once day, I will travel without stress. One day…

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