Do you bring snacks with you when you go on vacation? I always do and am actually in Mexico right now hanging out with my girlfriends from high school so before I left, I shot this video to share with you guys. Here is what I bring with me!

The customs took my apple but everything else got in OK. I think my number one must have is the oatmeal and trail mix. I usually bring Laughing Cow Mini Babybels as well but didn’t have time to grab some since a certain roommate of mine has been chowing down on them! They are great to throw in your bag for traveling because not only are they portion controlled but they are a great little protein packed snack to complement the free pretzels you sometimes get on airplanes.

Before I left I shot this video for The Laughing Cow featuring my favorite bikini strength training moves. While eating right will help you lose the weight, strength exercises have you looking fabulous in a bikini! Here are my top moves if you are new to toning up your muscles.

Don’t forget that you can win an outfit from DA Active by leaving a comment on my YouTube video from last week featuring Barre inspired moves!

Bikini fit snacks and strength exercises

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  • Eileen

    I always try to bring food for the day that I’m traveling so I don’t have to spend a ton of money on gross food at the airport. Usually a big salad that takes me a while to eat and pass the time of my layovers. I call ahead to the hotel to see if there is a fridge in the room, and if so, I will premake my breakfasts of quinoa, yogurt and spinach. When I get stuck eating a white bagel for breakfast it ruins my energy for the entire day. Like you said, at least you can have a healthy breakfast and then go with the flow for lunch and dinner.

  • Trisha

    I just got back from a 10 day trip to Greece.. And boy did I bring snacks! I think I packed more snacks than clothes! I agree with Sarah on breakfasts… I brought kashi go lean packs, ind flax packs, snack baggies of vega one protein powder, quest natural protein bars, some granola, nuts, and chocolate :). I was well fueled during the periods of yucky food on boat, plane and in hotels. Gotta have healthy snacks! I even brought a resistance band, but it sat in the suitcase! Luckily most snacks went.. Fave me room for souvenirs! 🙂

  • April

    I try to eat healthy snacks but considering I just scarfed down a Caramello Bear I don’t think I do very well at it! Good fruit is hard to find in winter here in Aus. >_<

  • rachel polanco

    I go away for camp for a few weeks in the summer and bring tons of snacks. This weekend I’m actually going to camp for spring training and I’m bringing along some bags of air popped popcorn i’m going to pre-make, some raw cashews, cascadia farms granola bars, fruit leathers, melba snacks with sea salt and packing some organic peanut butter.

  • Nescett @ bananaoats

    Thanks for the tips! I always bring oatmeal and bars too and apples. Jusitn’s peanut butter packets are good too. Like the new idea of jerkey. So the Baby Bells, they don’t require refrigeration?

    • Sarah

      It’s not that they don’t need to be, but they will be fine not refrigerated for about 10 hours which is usually enough time to either eat on the plane or put safely in the mini-fridge.

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