“So you had a bad day” is my anthem today.  Not only did I receive the worst blonde highlights in Boston of my life last night, but I missed my train this morning for New York.  I’m headed back down to finish up shooting the infomercial and needed a quick cut last-minute. I asked for a few highlights on top to blend my roots and what I got was an orange mop on my head.  I’ve never had a bad hair cut or dye job, this is a first. I acted like I liked the color in the salon but now I’m having serious regrets. I’m not sure what to do but I know I do not have time to get it fixed before the infomercial shoot today!

Has this ever happened to you? Are salons expected to fix it for free? If they messed it up in the first place are they even skilled enough to fix it?

My train to NYC was at 9:20 but I arrived at 9:28 thinking it was at 9:40 am. I am now on the slow train to NYC riding business class which is actually better than the Acela. It’s cheaper but takes longer.  You also get free non-alcoholic beverages, newspapers and more leg room.  Not bad.

This morning, I woke up for a quick run (aka the Tone It Up booty call).  This helps de-bloat your body and look leaner on camera.  I made a new protein pancake this morning.  It might be a new favorite.  Basically I made oatmeal in my rice cooker then added in egg whites and protein powder.  This is an alternative to using banana and pumpkin.  It also creates a fluffier pancake. I will post recipe later as I’m having trouble uploading photos on the train. Ugh.

On the train, I brought along with me a grapefruit, a Larabar and some rice cakes.  After my shoot, I’m going back on the Amtrak and heading home. It’s a full day of travel for this girl 🙂


Terrible Highlights Before Informercial Shoot

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  • Kat

    Girl I’ve been there!! Twice I have had to ask a stylist to fix/redo/undo a mistake or something I just didn’t like. If you went to a reputable enough salon (most are in Boston, or at least most try to be) they should definitely fix it for at LEAST a discount. If you’re very clear why you’re unhappy with it and are polite and honest, they should for sure help you out. I’ve learned that the most important thing is to just say something right off the bat. Too often have I let them go on and on screwing up my hair too scared to say anything and then when I finally come clean they’re like, “I can easily fix this right now but you should have said something earlier!” It happens to the best of us! Hope it gets fixed. Have you ever been to Cha Cha Cha in the South End? I’ve only been there once but it’s super cute inside and the lady I had was really nice.

  • Mrs L...

    First of all, I am so sorry this happened to you. Having a new stylist mess up your hair is horrible! Yes, you can contact the salon to ask for a re-do for free. At your free re-do appointment, you can also ask to see another stylist who is more skilled with highlights than the one who ruined your hair. I actually had the same situation happen with my hair many years ago. It was a stylist I’d never been to before and she clearly was not skilled enough with color/highlight training. It was at a smaller salon and I was so embarrassed and upset, I didn’t bother contacting management or going back to the salon for the re-do. My sister was in beauty school at the time and I ended up having her fix the color for me. I definitely encourage you to complain to the salon manager and either get your money refunded or have your hair fixed for free by someone who is more skilled at that salon. If management gives you a hard time, I would explain that you are in the public eye, actually filmed an infomercial with your hair looking horrible, and will gladly direct any public criticism you receive over your hair color back to the employee at that salon. By the way, I like you as a blonde. The color really suits you!

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