My BluePrint Cleanse Experience Day 2

If you follow me on Instagram then you already know I am on day two of the BluePrint Cleanse. Already, I’ve been getting a ton of questions and requests. Here are the basic details:

I am doing a 3 day cleanse with BluePrint. It consists of 6 juices, 3 green and 3 others. The others are P.A.M (pineapple, apple and mint), Spicy Lemonade, and Cashew Milk. If you are really hungry you may eat 1/4 of an avocado, celery, or vegetable broth. You are also encouraged to drink water and green tea throughout the day.

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Leading up to yesterday, I had only experienced drinking juice as a breakfast or snack replacement. I was actually against cleanses prior to my visit to Los Angeles. I discovered how much I enjoyed juices courtesy of Earth Bar. I reached out to BluePrint to get details about what a full cleanse entailed. While getting ready for my LA shoot, I felt great and didn’t crave junk food. I knew I didn’t always feel that way. It took weeks of dedication and discipline. I know I love sweets and wine but forever denying myself of them is not an option and I was curious if a juice cleanse could allow me to “cheat” but keep my good habits from disappearing. I am NOT doing it for weight loss.

Then, I met Rebekah in Boston who owns The Ripe Stuff, a Boston based juice cleanse company. She told me about why she wanted to start her own business and had me convinced to give a 3-day cleanse a try. She gave me a few samples and I loved them, especially her Sangria, which is a beet and carrot juice.  The same day, BluePrint asked if I wanted to try their program. I decided to try BP first since it’s available nationwide to my readers. I’m looking forward to trying The Ripe Stuff cleanse as well. By then, I’ll have some experience and a comparison.

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So, Day 1 went really well after the delivery got here. You select the day you want to start the cleanse online and then they ship it to you that morning. Unfortunately, FedEx didn’t get here until 11:30 am. The Ripe Stuff delivers their juice the night before. One perk of going local! On the BP website it says this might happen and suggests eating fruit, drinking tea and water or waiting to start until the following day. I knew cleansing on a Friday wasn’t happening so I was determine to start Tuesday. I drank plenty of water and green tea throughout the day. I felt great and stayed very focused at work.

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I took my first Bar Method level 2 class in the evening and enjoyed my last green juice afterwards. At 8:30pm I got into my PJ’s and watched a little TV as I drank my last and favorite “juice.” I wasn’t too hungry at any point during the day but missed chewing. I woke up a few times in the night, dreaming of food, and had to pee twice. However, I woke up refreshed and energized, the best in days due to the Thanksgiving sugar/carb/wine overload.

This morning I shot a video at the City Sports Flagship Store in Boston for my 2012 Gift Guide. There was so much cute stuff that I wanted to buy! The video goes live December 10th. One viewer will get a $100 gift card to CS when it does! At 10 am, it was time for a little liquid energy. I was happy I brought my own snack as I admired the wall of Gu and Bonk Breakers.

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Don’t forget I have two coupon codes if you want to try a cleanse, they are no affiliate links, I don’t get paid when you use them, you just get a discount. Details can be found here.

Have you tried a juice cleanse? I’ve been warned it gets much harder after day 1.


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