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  • Natalie

    i just finished…almost…. a 3 day cleanse -- a DIY copycat of the BP cleanse. i made all of my own juices. my favorite was the pineapple-apple-cucumber. yum. today was the hardest for me- midday i got very tired at work and just super hungry! i wanted to have the energy to workout tomorrow morning so instead of my juice this evening I made a ton of roasted veggies and some quinoa. could have found worse ways to ditch the cleanse i suppose! it was a really good experience though- definitely makes you learn how to use your willpower and appreciate how healthy fresh juice makes you feel! good luck finishing your cleanse!!

  • Lyn

    I think I am meant to juice detox! I keep reading about them on US blogs but in Australia I didn’t think I could get something like this. Today I saw an Aussie blogger promote an Aussie company and was just on their site. Then I came straight to your website and what do you know, another detox story! So I am going to do it!

  • Patty

    Hi Sarah! Today is actually my 3rd and last day of Dr. Oz’s 3-Day Detox Cleanse. This is my first time doing such a thing and yes, it’s hard! The preparation of these juices is time-consuming. The cleanse consists of drinking 4 shakes a day for 3 days. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. Anyways, thanks for writing this post! Now that I know I can do a cleanse, I’ll definitely check out the one you’re doing for the next time I decide to do another cleanse (probably after Christmas or New Year’s). Best of luck for day 3 of your cleanse!

  • Vanessa

    Hey! Great will power with the cleanse! I commend you!!! I just checked out the website and was blown away by the cost of the cleanse! It was $200 for a three day cleanse. Am I the only one who thinks that’s outrageous? Any thoughts?

    • hakirby

      No, you’re not. It’s clearly for people with more money than sense. i don’t agree with detoxes and cleanses- there’s no peer reviewed scientific evidence and with healthy eating the body clears itself out because that’s what your body does.

      But it’s not my money and it’s not my body. It’s no odds to me if someone cleanses. Just seems daft to spend all that cash when you do your own juicing if you are going to cleanse.

        • nicole schulien

          Please do, I’m on the 2nd day of blueprint clense and I love it but the cost is killing me I am really considering getting a juicer I just wasn’t sure how much moeny I’d save in the end and how difficult it would be to diy.

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