My Cleanse Experience Day 2 Vlog

Many of you requested a video about my experience. Here it is! Some of my YouTube viewers are angry that I decided to try a cleanse. Some think I’m advocating it for everyone and unsubscribing. I’m not. I’m just sharing what it’s like, what the juices look like, and how I was feeling on Day 2.

Did I make it? YES!

Did I “cheat”? I had one piece of gum at 3 pm Day 1 and Day 2. Day 3, I had 3 pieces (2 after my last juice). That’s all for the no-no stuff though!

Last night, roomie got home after I had gone to bed. At 1 am, they decided to raid the fridge and eat anything that possibly could have made noise. I was struggling at the end, and of course I had to listen to chips and salsa and I think an apple and peanut butter being eaten as I attempted to ignore my tummy. Gotta love the support 🙂

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