Boston’s Best Group Exercise Instructors!

Yesterday, I shot 3 full length Pilates workout videos with Jenn Phelan at North End Yoga. DA Active was kind enough to send me 3 and Jenn 2 outfits to wear. When it came time to shoot the last video we realized we both saved our white tops for last so we tried to pose for a few “bad ass pictures” which I didn’t realize at first. I had a blast, toned my booty (and abs), and looked fierce.

I loved the DA Active blue capri pants. Roomie even liked them! I was shocked. They were surprisingly flattering on my tush and made it look more lifted. Jenn shot a 10-minute total body Pilates Fusion workout with me a year ago! It was awesome workout so I knew we needed to shoot again soon. Jenn is one of Boston’s best Pilates instructors. Her classes incorporate some of the traditional Barre movements but more cardio and of course traditional Pilates.

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In addition to Jenn, another one of my most favorite Boston Group Instructor is Lauren Hefez. Lauren and I recently shot a video in the South End featuring a more effective Ab exercise that also works your inner thighs. It will leave you shaking, no joke!

Lauren teaches Zumba and Barre Burn at both Equinox locations in Boston. Her energy come natural, and it’s apparent throughout all of her classes. She’s genuinely that excited about fitness all the time. When I mentioned she should teach Zumba using Gangnam Style dancing, she looked at me in confusion. SHE HAD NEVER SEEN THE VIDEO. Naturally, I had to show her the video and dance. We filmed this so be sure to watch the end of the video.


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