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  • Vee

    I have the same problem, so I try to pack/cook my lunch and snacks, even my breakfast the night before. I work 7am-4pm so morning are rushed. I love your lunch suggestions. Thanks so much!!

  • Allie

    Bringing a lunch really is SO much cheaper! I make all my lunches on Sunday, so I don’t even have to worry about it the night before! Yeah, gets a little boring by Friday, but that just makes me eager to get back in the kitchen and be creative on the weekends. Bringing snacks is definitely key! Office options are either nonexistent or so bad for you (vending machines…).

  • Karen

    I alway bring my lunch to work. I try to pack my lunch the night before but sometimes get stuck throwing things together quickly. I also keep a few things at work so that I don’t have to fret as much. I have a jar of peanut butter, almonds and a few granola bars stashed at my desk 🙂 Helps for those super rushed mornings!

  • Jo

    Cute pic of you Sarah! I like the angle the pic is taken. Your eyes look bright and you have a cute smile the way the pic is taken.

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