BYO Lunch to Work (or School)

When I used to work 9-6 at Diet.com, packing a lunch in the morning and getting to work on time was always a rushed process. Rarely did I bring enough food or adequately prepare the night before. Now that I work occasionally in a shared office space, bringing my lunch again has become a challenge.

Today I brought my lunch using an easy lunchbox. I packed a salad on the left side that included greens, 3 oz grilled chicken, 2 tbsp quinoa, sun dried tomatoes, onion and balsamic glaze. Last night, I cooked the quinoa and chicken. For snacks, I also included a mini Larabar and carrots with 2 tablespoons of Buffalo Style hummus from Sabra for a snack.

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Over the years blogging, I’ve shared some of my other favorite lunches that are easy to pack.

When making a sandwich or wrap, one trick is to use sprouts as a veggie filling for volume and flavor. There is no peeling or dicing involved making it a quick option.

Always bring a snack. Healthy snacks are probably the hardest to find when you are in pinch. Almonds, carrots and hummus (they have to-go containers now), fruit, bags of PopChips if you want salty and single serving shake packets are my go-to packable items.

Here are few other suggestions:

We all know why we should bring our lunches to school or work, to save money and calories. However, I never have the motivation to do it at night and in the morning, it seems largely time consuming. Do you pack the night before or in the morning?

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