On the weekends, my diet seems to take a huge u-turn most of the time. All week, I’m dead set on my routine and then the weekend comes and screws it all up making it that much harder on Monday to get back into the groove of things. During the summer, it’s challenging to make any sensible lunch decision when you are at the beach all day (sometimes drinking) and have limited option to what you bring in your cooler. When I go to the beach, I am there from 11 AM to usually 5 or sometimes 7 PM. It makes for a long day.

Picking up sandwiches on the way to the beach is custom but often I will bring my own to avoid the soggy factor. I bring the ingredients separately in a cooler and make my wrap there. To check out what I bring to eat at the beach watch my newest video featuring my go-to lunch that I bring to satisfy cravings.


My friends usually bring bags upon bags of Cape Cod potato chips to the beach. I’ve been eating them on the Cape since I was a kid and the memories make me crave the salty snack when my feet touch the sand. I try to avoid them because I always lose track of how many I’ve had and feel like the more you eat, the more you want! After recently receiving a box of Popchips to try, I became addicted to the Sweet Potato and BBQ flavors. The bags each have 45 calories so I know how much I’m eating and it satisfies my salty chip craving. I honestly don’t look twice at the Cape Cod anymore.

Naturally, when Popchips asked if I wanted to do a video with them, I excitedly accepted the opportunity. I had never tried the sweet potato before and still have trouble finding it at stores but you can buy most of the flavors at CVS or Whole Foods.

Insider scoop: They have tortilla chips coming out this Fall! I sampled a few flavors and can’t wait to use them with Football tailgate foods! Check shelves in October.

Besides my turkey wrap with a Laughing Cow Creamy Light Creamy Swiss, Boar’s Head Honey Roasted Turkey, Joseph’s Tortilla and sprouts, I also bring with me tons of fruit if I can. Favorites of mine are cherries and grapes! So good and easy to bring on the beach with minimal prep before hand.

Another popular beach treat among my friends is pasta salad. I like to hit up the local grocery store olive bar and pick up some antipasta. I made quinoa at home and mix together for high protein, good-carb alternative to pasta salad. You can of course cut up fresh veggies as well, but the olive bar makes it easier to prep.

I’ve brought salads on occasion to the beach but I always end up getting sand in them or get dressing all over myself. The lack of table makes it hard to eat with grace. What do you bring with you to the beach?


Eating Lunch At The Beach!

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  • Kelly Runs on Cake

    I don’t live near a beach (sigh) but if I’m going somewhere else where I’ll be eating outside, I usually bring things that don’t need assembly, so individual containers of nuts, fruit, tuna salad, etc. And a little wine “juice box” of course 😉

  • sadie

    Hi Sarah -- sorry this is so off topic, but I wasn’t sure where else to ask a question. I watched one of your older videos about your favorite sports bras. You mentioned a Lululemon one that you don’t wear to run, but that you like. Do you happen to know what the name of it is? Just curious -- I like it, but can’t seem to figure out which one it is on their website. They seem to change their styles all the time. Thanks!

    • Sarah

      Hi Sadie, it was meant for Hot Yoga -- I don’t run in it or use it for support. It’s pretty much strictly a Yoga Bra -- and even then in downward dog, my boobs are in my face. If you have a bigger chest, it makes your boobs LOOK good, but isn’t great for function. I wear it for photoshoots and running errands mostly.

  • Viviana

    I have to ask…do you usually read labels when buying cold cuts? Because my experience with Boar’s Head was VERY disappointing when I realized all of their products have sodium nitrite, a known carcinogenic. Nitrate-free meat is so expensive so I have been cutting my consumption a bit, although thankfully Costco came to the rescue! Their oven roasted turkey is low in sodium, calories, and has no nitrites!
    As for your diet taking a u-turn on weekends, I am right there with you although I am at a point when I think I just need to cut the weekend binge once and for all, or else all the intense weekdays training is going to go down the drain! It’s definitely hard around people or at a bar but I did it before my wedding so I know it can be done 🙂

    • Sarah

      I do if they are on them, but I do not read Boar’s Heads. I eat sliced turkey probably once a week in the summer and once a month in the winter. I eat cookies and brownies much more frequently so if I’m going to be picky about my labels, for something I eat so infrequently, I feel like I’d be a hypocrit… so no I do not if I’m not eat it regularly.

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