by CHLOE. Vegan Fast Food Restaurant Open Tomorrow in Boston

Last night, I got to attend the opening party at by CHLOE., a fast vegan dining restaurant, in the Seaport. My NYC friends told me that I would love this place so I placed a high priority on my babysitter, NickFit, to get his butt home early from work so I could get my veg on.

This is the first Massachusetts location for the vegan brand and it’s located on a corner in the Seaport that you might mistake for the Big Apple with Juice Press and SoulCycle right next door. It’s a fun little weekend destination activity for those of us who don’t live in the neighborhood.

I went with my friend Rebecca, who is also a new mom, and we more than enjoyed ourselves sipping wine and tasting the menu. In case you’re wondering, wine and beer will be served at this location.

My favorites were the “Mac N’ Cheese” and the “The Guac Burger.” I do not like regularly mac and cheese, I know I’m weird, but this one was amazing. The “cheese” is made with sweet potato cashew cheese sauce with shiitake bacon and almond parmesan. Going into the night, this was low on my wish list of things to try so this was a surprise.

Mac and Cheese by CHLOE

Everyone via Instagram stories also told me to try the beet ketchup which was really good. I don’t think I really realized that it was beet ketchup at the time. The fries were standard good fries. If you are a girl that likes to order the kale salad with a side of fries, this is the place for you!

Fries by Chloe

One of my friends asked me if it was “healthy” and from a calorie stand point, no it’s not light, but from a nutrient dense aspect, yes it is. There isn’t a shortage of sugar or fat though, let’s be honest. It’s not a calorie conscious menu but it’s vegan, plant based, whole food ingredients and tastes great! That doesn’t exist in Boston right now (I said Boston – I know there are places in Somerville, Cambridge and Watertown, etc…)

The Quinoa Taco Salad (below) was also really good but I only had a little taste, same goes for the Kale Caesar. Both had surprising sweet flavors in either the dressing (taco) or croutons (caesar).

Quinoa Taco Salad By Chloe


I love FOMU so I’m already a fan of vegan ice cream and the chill by CHLOE. was also really good. Chill is what she calls her ice cream, I guess. This was the “chocolate chocolate” flavor and was delicious! It featured bits of the “hostess” cupcakes throughout. I think the cone might have been my favorite part though.


Ice Cream by Chloe Chill
They served more desserts like mini Boston Cream Pies, vegan cupcakes and cookies. All were really good but again, likely not low in sugar which is fine – but I’m just trying to be up front that by CHLOE. is delicious vegan fast food, but it’s not a light meal. You can eat light here but you likely will miss out on the best tasting options if you do.

vegan cupcakes and hot cocoa


For whatever reason, I could not sleep afterwards. Did I eat too much sugar (likely) or did something I eat have secret matcha in it that kept me up!? Who knows. I’m excited to go back and order the full guac burger and make Nick order the mac and cheese. Tommy would love this place, too!

They will feature a variety of grab and go menu items that feel a lot lighter than the regular menu (see below for more details). Unfortunately for me, it’s a hike to go over there from the South End and with a lack of public transportation and parking, I’m not sure how I’ll make it with Tommy except to walk the 2+ miles. Like my sporadic visits to Life Alive and Whole Heart Provisions, I’ll venture out that way to likely to meet up with friends and when I’m flying solo.

Check it out though as it’s worth a drive, it’s delicious! I’ll be sharing more in my weekly vlog on Sunday 🙂

Other details from the Press Release:

The expansive menu offers health-inspired items across categories of Beverages, Grab + Go, SaladsBurgers + Sandwiches, Fries + Sides, Pasta, freshly-baked Sweets, and Chill by CHLOE., the brand’s line of dairy-free ice cream.

by CHLOE. is excited to debut four unique items, exclusively available in Boston, that pay homage to beloved and iconic city-centric dishes. These include:
  • Clam Chowder with cauliflower cream, shiitake mushroom, corn, potato, and fresh parsley
  • Lobster Roll with hearts of palm, celery, smoked paprika, and fresh dill
  • Boston Cream Whoopie Pie with vanilla custard and chocolate ganache
  • Boston Cream Pie Chill by CHLOE., a dairy free ice cream with vanilla custard, chocolate twist, and dark chocolate ganache
Diners can also expect to find such popular by CHLOE. signature dishes as:
  • The Guac Burger, made from black beans, quinoa, and sweet potato, and topped with crisp tortilla sticks, corn salsa, chipotle aioli, and a generous scoop of guacamole
  • Quinoa Taco salad with spicy seitan chorizo, black beans, sweet corn, avocado, tomato, tortilla strips, crema, and agave lime vinaigrette
  • Pesto Meatball with Portobello mushroom and veggie based Italian meatballs, marinara, sweet peppers, basil pesto, cashew mozzarella, and almond parmesan
  • Mac N’ Cheese with sweet potato cashew cheese sauce, shitake bacon, and almond parmesan
  • Whiskey BBQ with smoky Portobello mushrooms and seitan, sautéed kale, onion marmalade, grilled pineapple, and bourbon BBQ served on a potato bun

For customers on the run, by CHLOE.’s full Grab + Go selection will be available with items like Matcha Kelp Noodles with PANATEA Matcha, kelp noodles, cashew cream sauce, almond parmesan, and scallion, Raw Vanilla Bean Chia Pudding with chia seeds, Madagascar vanilla bean, raw almond, cashew milk, and raw agave nectar, and Nicoise Salad with chopped romaine, chickpea tuna, grape tomatoes, green beans, red potatoes, Kalmata olives, and red vinaigrette.

The freshly-baked Sweets are not to be missed, with offerings ranging from Chlostess Cupcakes and Old Fashioned Chocolate Chip Cookies to Matcha Blueberry Muffins and Banana Bread. In addition to Boston Cream Whoopie Pies, the full line of Chill by CHLOE.’s dairy-free ice cream will be offered with flavors like Raspberry + Cream, Salted Peanut Butter, Kale Cookies + Cream, Chocolate Chocolate, and Coffee by CHLOE. 

In addition to fresh pressed juices and smoothies, by CHLOE. will serve beer and wine.

Brunch will be offered on weekends, from 10am to 4pm, offering crave-able renditions of favorites like Mom’s Cinnamon Roll, Quinoa Hash Browns, andThe Early Bird with scrambled organic tofu and vegan maple sausage. 

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