What I Eat In A Day + Week in Workouts

I am happy to finally share with you a link to subscribe to my new family channel!

I have two more weeks of family vlogging on SarahFit and then they will continue to be uploaded on my family channel. I’ll make a bigger announcement once the graphics start to come together but for now, I just wanted to promote the new channel while I’m still doing the family vlogs on SarahFit.

Here is the latest YouTube video featuring a what I eat in a day haul. This video chronicles last Friday after I failed to document anything cool during the week.

Every week flies by it seems these days. I have a friend who mentioned that it looked like I worked out a ton and I told her I didn’t but when I looked at what I did do the following week, I did sort of get in some good workouts. Here is a snap shot of what I did:

Monday: REST

I teach on Mondays so I use it as a rest day because I did Barry’s Bootcamp on Sunday!

Tuesday: Spin at Recycle Studio

Wednesday: 30 minutes sprint intervals on treadmill – I’m testing out a new app

Thursday: Lagree Method Pilates at BTone

Friday: 30 minutes running long intervals on treadmill – test run with new app

Saturday: 30 minutes easy elliptical workout – test run with new app, more like an active rest day for me

Sunday: Barry’s Bootcamp

Today I went to @barrysbootcamp which is becoming my favorite little weekend ass kicking and wore a crop top ???? now, I never would have worn one in the past but despite putting on a few pounds, I’ve been feeling super confident & strong lately. I honestly feel like a superhero at times when I look at Tommy and what my body accomplished. I’ve never been the girl in class to rock just her sports bra but Barry’s get wicked hot and I thought, why not, this top is super cute and I want to wear it. I used to care too much about what other people would think, “Is she showing off? She should lose a few lbs before she wears that” etc… but ya know what? I just don’t care anymore. I wasn’t self conscious once I was in the red room and I liked how my outfit looked. I worked extra hard thanks to the cookie dough energy from last nights dinner, too (check out my stories!!!) So this week, I challenge you to do something out of your ordinary, take a class that scares you, rock out in your sports bra or even try the weird vegetable that’s on sale. Be confident. Love your body no matter your journey because it truly is remarkable what it can do. And lastly, stop caring about what other people think because you’d be surprised at how little they do. You be you.

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After my class at Barry’s, I got all emotional on Instagram and you guys approved. I think we all need to be reminded once in awhile that it’s important to be ourselves. Often times I pay too much attention to other bloggers and influencers online that I lose myself. I’m getting back to what brought me to blogging and am more fired up that I have been in a long time.

So this week, I’m encouraging you to do the same. Find your passion once again. Get out of your ordinary. Work less out of habit and more out of intent. It may be a holiday but it’s a damn good day to start fresh!

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