Paddle Your Way To Marisa Miller’s Body?

In a new chapter of celebrity branded products, Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Marisa Miller announced last night on Conan that she has been designing her own line of stand up paddle boards.  A relatively new sport here in the states (or at least the east coast), paddle boarding is much like standing up on a surf board and using a single paddle to get around.

It requires a strong core and balance.  You can usually rent them these days at places that rent surf boards.  It seems like fun to me.  I love spending time at the beach and finding ways to be active while having fun are my favorite activities.  

Paddle boarding promises to burn between 500-700 calories per hour* (similar to a brisk walk or slow jog).  Other celebrity fans include Jennifer Aniston, Rihanna and Kate Hudson.  It provides a total body workout, using your upper body strength to propel the board forward against currents and wind,  challenges the lower body to maintain balance while slightly bending the knees, and engages the core switching the paddle from side to side to go straight forward.

I remember reading in Shape magazine that Miller enjoyed paddle boarding.  She was discovered after all by a famed photographer in California one day as a teenager while surfing.   For $1715, you can buy her paddle board!

I kinda like this idea about celebrities promoting healthy living products.  The only caution I would give is one that warns potential consumers that just because Marisa Miller uses a paddle board does not mean you will look like her if you use one.

Unless Miller goes on a cupcake, beer and pizza year long binge, she will probably still look as she does.

I receive many requests from fans asking about certain celebrity workouts, like Selena Gomez (who is naturally thin).  Yes, I put out workout videos like Lady Gaga’s Ab Workout and Scarlett Johannson’s Butt Workout but that is because their trainers share them with the world.  It’s not to say the workout will make your body part look like the celeb’s.  Often time, the celebrity has been photoshopped so often, their actual body parts are just an illusion of an artists imagination.

The truth is that, your genetics play the biggest part in how your body looks.  It doesn’t matter if you do 100 squats a day, if you have skinny dancer legs, you’re body is never going to give you large muscular thighs (unless you gain over 40 lbs) and even still most of your weight may go to your stomach.  Marketing a product with a promise to look like a certain person only sets people up for feeling bad about themselves.

I would probably buy Marisa’s paddle boards if I lived somewhere that was warm more than 3 months out of the year.  They look super cute.

Elizabeth has a paddle board and I just may have to use it sometime soon.  Have you ever paddle boarded?  If so, were you sore the next day?

*According to Shape Magazine

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