Class Review: Cycle House in Los Angeles, California

Last time I came to LA, I visited SoulCycle. A few readers insisted that I try Cycle House during my next visit so I figured I had to go here, right? I also saw it on one of the 5 episodes I seen of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and heard this is where Madonna goes. Using my ClassPass, I signed up for a spot online 24 hours in advance. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting to love this place based on a few Yelp reviews I read and heard from people I knew. However, my expectations were incorrect. I loved it!

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I parked easily on the street at a metered for a 9:30 am class with Nick. I was running late due to traffic but the gals at the counter gave me the low down real quick. The bathroom was super small but equipped with two showers and two toilets. I threw my stuff in a locker and ran into the room just as class began. The desker filled my water bottle and grabbed me a pair of 3 lb weights.

First off, the room is dark with a few green lights, the bikes are similar to SoulCycle and the room in huge. My class felt super small with probably only about 12-15 students. The instructor however made us feel like it was full with his fantastic energy.

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His music was my favorite part but there were no breaks in between songs! Each song blended into the next really well like a DJ had created the mix for him. This meant minimal recovery – something I haven’t done in a spin class yet!

Nick did a really good job at keeping me guessing what was coming next. The positions were varied and intensities coincided with the tempo of the songs. The arm portion was good – not impossible like some – but good enough. I pushed myself extra hard during the sprints thanks to his killer playlist and inspiration coaching.

I really liked the class and would go back for sure!

Only one other student took a shower after class, making it easy for me to hop in and out quickly. I can’t imagine how packed it must be however after a 6 or 7 am class. If you know, leave a comment below.

The studio offered free filtered water, bananas, and more. Next door, there is a cafe with coffee, juice from Pressed Juicery and other healthy post workout treats. Your first class is free or you can take a class like me via ClassPass which is just $99 a month for unlimited classes in the city – max of 3 classes per studio.

No this isn’t sponsored by them and yes, I paid for my ClassPass this month. But yes that was an affiliate link 🙂

What is your favorite spin studio in LA?

Cycle House is in West Hollywood (8511 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood CA 90069).

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