Connor 12 month Update

Connor's first birthday update

We made it! Connor is officially a one year old aka a toddler. WHAT!? Where did the time go. The first year of Tommy’s life was LONG and Connor’s felt the complete opposite. I like doing these updates as a sort of baby book so whether you like them or or not, I like having them here on my blog for my own reference.

Unlike for Tommy, I did not do a big birthday party but a casual get together at the beach with pizzas and cupcakes. It was so much less stress.

How big is Connor? Sooo big.

I don’t officially know how big Connor is because I pushed back his 12 month check up but he fits into 12 month clothes which means he’s not as large as his brother at this age lol. He wears the clothes that Tommy wore around 6-9 months. I think he’s around 21-23 lbs and is average for height. I remember bragging about how Tommy was always in the 98% percentile and Connor is well, average in size. I feel like it’s so “1st time mom” to talk about your child’s size constantly or maybe that’s because he was so big, I dunno but with Connor I rarely am fielding the “He’s so big” comment or bringing it up myself.

What’s Connor Eating?

I wish I wasn’t but I still am nursing. I’m very over it but weaning is very hard for me since I’m always with Connor and now I’m in a bathing suit most days with easy access for him to demand milk, which he JUST started to do.

I’m not positive if he has a favorite food as it never feels like there is one food I know he will eat.

He has developed some unhealthy favorites thanks to his older brother’s summer diet. This diet consists of scones, ice cream, french fries, and chicken fingers. I try not to offer these foods to him but often when Nick is around they do. Since the introduction of summer vacation foods, he has begun to shy away from vegetables. He loves a pouch from happybaby that is made with banana, beet and blueberry. He ate a few grape tomatoes the other day but his old go to of broccoli is no longer a safe healthy bet.

He eats fruit but his favorites change day to day. Watermelon is usually a safe bet and today I discovered he likes cherries!

Words and Walking

Connor is walking! He can do like 15-20 steps but needs encouragement. Just today he started to stand up on his own. If you say, “Connor, can I see you walk?” he will stand up and walk to you.

He has mastered saying “Uh oh,” but that’s about it. I hear “Ma,” “Dad” and “ball” and I honestly think he can talk in full sentences sometimes but we all know he can’t and the babble sounds just close enough to what makes sense that I interpret it as such.

The Hold Me Phase

The summer has been tough on me. Connor wants to be held all the time. If I am in the room, he likely wants me to hold him. If I am not, he’s pretty easy going. But alas, as soon as he knows I am near, he wants me. It’s hard to hold a child and cook dinner or prepare a beach bag for the day.

He was once an excellent napper and now he is naturally transitioning to 1 nap. His morning nap is now barely 75-90 minutes and used to be 2-2.5 hours. The afternoon nap is 45-60 minutes usually. I’ve realized that usually the fussier he is, the more tired he is so I’ve started to just put him down for nap or bed, whatever is closest and he seems to go right down even if that means going to bed an hour early!


Sure he’s only 12 months but he is developing quite the mini personality. He loves balls and is actually really good at throwing them for a child his age (compared to Tommy’s skills at 12 months).

He loves music and dancing along. Hide and seek is his favorite game that he plays with laundry. He and Tommy play chase already around our kitchen island. He loves to wrestle. He tries to climb all over Tommy already which is sometimes met with enthusiasm but of course not always. Before bed, one of his favorite things to do is roll around on the bed before he goes inside his crib and try to play around with me or Nick.

He has this funny little giggle and if he tries to be funny, like play hide and seek, and you forget to acknowledge him, he gets upset. He is a mommas boy for sure.


Never ask me for sleep advice lol. Connor finally is sorta sleeping through the night. He still often wakes up at least once between 3 and 5 am. I’ll nurse him because I’m weak and he’ll go back to sleep until 6:30-7 am. He goes down easy most nights right at 7 pm and will sleep until 3 or 5 am. I have been nursing him but sometimes I’ll let him fall back to sleep on his own. Wake up is anywhere usually between 6:30 and 7 am.

This year has flown by as I mentioned above. If I make it seem easy, thank you but it’s not. It’s not as hard as I imagined it might be. To be honest, I think right now might be the most challenged I’ve felt between not having regular help to do work, not being able to make meals with two hands, and practicing keeping my cool when I’m really frustrated/exhausted.

Some people say adding a third is like nothing compared to a second, but others say the opposite. What has been your experience. What was the hardest? For me, I think zero to one was way harder than one to two.

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