Connor, Two Month Newborn Update

I’m sharing a two month update for Connor partially for myself and for others who might have a baby younger and wondering, what’s next? Maybe you have a baby the same age and curious if you’re getting more sleep than I am! While every child is different and there is no normal, I love being able to look back at my blog for help remembering little adventures from vacations and restaurants to when Tommy took his first steps. I have a terrible memory and this blog helps!

Big Baby

Like his brother, Connor is just about 15 lbs at 2 months old. This is based on my scale, stepping on with him and then again without and then doing the math. We haven’t had our doctor’s update yet so I do not know length or head circumference. He has outgrown all of his 0-3 month clothes and barely fits in clothes 3-6 months.

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Nursing and Bottles

I am still exclusively breast feeding but Connor has taken a bottle twice which is more than Tommy. We still are terrible at making him take one regularly because I’m always around and hate pumping. I hate pumping because I am paranoid he will be starving after I finish, I’ll be empty and then he will refuse to take a bottle. I try to pump in the morning after he has eaten because he usually takes a good long nap pretty early in the day. I wish I could tell you how often I feed him but I don’t keep track. I don’t use apps. I try to feed him when he wakes up from a nap. Probably at least 6-7 times a day. Our only problem is that he often doesn’t do a full feeding. The most time that goes by without nursing is 3 hours during the day.

Sleep or Lack Thereof?

He is taking a pacifier which is great and helps him to fall asleep. He has done a couple 6 hour stretches but is more of a 4-5 hour stretch kinda guy right now. Basically he wakes up once or twice a night but sometimes 3. He goes to bed between 7 and 8 and then I wake him up before I go to bed for a “dream feed” around 10 pm and then he sleeps usually until 3 or 4. He usually goes back to sleep fairly easily and then wakes up again 2 hours later and then for good between 7 and 8 am.

Last night however he was awake and I didn’t have to wake him up for a dream feed at 10 pm. He fell asleep around 11, woke up at 4:45 am, then again at 6 and then was up at 8 for the day. Every day is different for us!

We love Halo swaddles that have the velcro.

Connor two months old

DockATot, Bassinest, Arm’s Reach

He will sleep on his back and we currently are using a DockATot inside an Arm’s Reach Mini Ezee 3 in 1 Bassinet. I know this probably isn’t recommended somewhere but it works for us. I’m right there within an arm’s reach literally. Like I said, this isn’t a recommendation from me to you, but it is me sharing my current set up.

We had Connor sleeping in the Halo Bassinest in the cape. Why do we have two? They both were sent to me to review. Tommy hated the bassinest but we also didn’t have DockATot. Halo was not happy when I shared my review of all the places Tommy slept because theirs was the only one recommended as safe sleep by pediatricians but it was the only place Tommy wouldn’t sleep in very well.

Connor loved the bassinest and would sleep without the DockATot but I did feel like he slept better with it vs without. It is heavy and large so I left it in the cape and decided to set up the Arm’s Reach in our house in Boston.

I like the Arm’s Reach but it is expensive at around $200 which is the same as the bassinest. I do like that it can be used as a play yard later on. I takes up more space than the bassinest on the ground level but I like that that Arm’s Reach really is close to me in bed and I can stick a pacifier in Connor’s mouth without moving my body. It also will be easier to store once we are done using it. If your baby will sleep on his back flat, these are both great options. I think I prefer the Arm’s Reach because it’s easier to get a big baby out and in with minimal sleep disruption between the two of us and that I’ll be able to use it as a crib and play yard. However, when it comes to aesthetics, I’d choose bassinest. I think Arm’s Reach could use a modernized design update on colors and fabrics.


We are using Seventh Generation diapers and water wipes and experiencing minimal diaper rash. Tommy never had it when we used Honest diapers but he would blow out of every diaper so I knew I wanted to try something new with Connor. SG is also cheaper than Honest. I tried the new Pampers Pure and didn’t love them. I found the mesh lining would stick to Connor’s privates and the outside felt squishy and grossed me out. We did experience leaks with them as well. I love the water wipes!


I could have put this above with sleep but Connor does most of his naps in the car seat or swing which I know isn’t recommended but as the second child who lives in the city, we aren’t in our house very much during the day. I’m still obsessed with the Fisher Price Cradle and Swing. Tommy loved it and so does Connor. I should probably start putting him in something flat and not moving for naps… He sorta is starting to resemble 3 good naps but not really. They are still sort of all over the place. I do not swaddle him for naps out of laziness and because they are still so random.

Books I’m Reading

I was reading Babywise and still sort of am but it’s frustrating when your baby doesn’t do what this book says he is supposed to do. I’m planning to download Mom’s On Call on my new kindle per many recommendations from you guys. Do moms really have time for more books???

Second Child Problems

So we didn’t do newborn photos and we haven’t sent out birth announcements. I feel sort of bad but not too bad… He’s also had to endure getting constantly poked and prodded by his brother. While Tommy is in school, I’ve been enjoying my one on one time with Connor even though I should be working. He is getting so smiley and is still very chill. He doesn’t even cry when you put a shirt over his head!

connor in a swaddle

We have lucked out and Tommy hasn’t been sick yet and he hasn’t gotten Connor sick as a result. This will likely change as cold season approaches.

We keep wondering if he really is chill or it’s the fact that we are less stressed out?

Who does he look like?

At first, I thought he was identical to Tommy but with brown hair. Now, I think they have different eyes but still the same smile minus the dimples. He is darker too almost like he has a tan which I hope he doesn’t. His hair is still dark but I also had really dark hair as a baby. My sister thinks Connor looks like me. Who knows??? What do you think? Tommy is on the left and Connor is on the right below.

connor and tommy

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