Corn Maze & Other Festive Fall Activities Near Boston

This weekend was dedicated to all things Fall.  From eating pumpkin and squash to watching the Head of the Charles and embarking on my first corn maze, my foliage season seems complete.

Friday night I made a delicious faux butternut squash cheesy risotto using quinoa and a laughing cow wedge for a lower calorie/higher protein dish.  I added in some walnuts, spinach and chicken for a nutritious flavor boost and to give it some crunch. I loved this one dish recipe and will be making it regularly this Fall.  Stay tuned for the recipe to come later this week.  Why am I waiting? My camera connector cord is in my bag from Chicago which has yet to arrive.  All these photos today are courtesy of my life saving iPhone.

Saturday morning I went on an 8-mile run.  Lucky for me, it was early enough that the massive crowds had not yet arrived to watch the famous Head of the Charles regatta which takes place near Harvard University every year.  It’s a large rowing competition where colleges from all over the US come to compete against one another.  After my run, I went back to watch and have a glass of wine in “College Row” where all the schools purchase tents and essentially host a beer garden.  It’s a very preppy crowd but fun.  It’s always very muddy and crowded but nice to be outside while the weather still is enjoyable. On Sunday, I went with 2 friends and my sister to the Connor’s Farm corn maze for a Sunday Funday for my sister’s birthday, which is today… HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARY!  You can tell her happy birthday on twitter if you really want 😉  We planned to go earlier in the week but fellow Laughing Cow Community Leader, Sarah K Hoffman, on Friday suggested the activity for a Fall Must-Try Activity.  I felt so smart timely.

The Connor’s Farm corn maze recently made it on to The Today Show after a family could not find their way out after the sun set and called 911!  Did you hear about it??? So hilarious.  We found the bridge where the family dialed the police and let’s just say, it was the first landmark we saw after we first entered and took us maybe a full minute.  It was not hard at all.  But of course we had to let our friends think we were lost by posting this on Facebook.  On a scale of difficulty, the maze was probably a 4.  You had to like force yourself to get lost to then try to find your way back because there was only one entrance.  I thought this was weird, but then again, this was my first rodeo.After getting “lost” in the corn maze we made our way to their bakery and farm stand.  I had to try an apple cider doughnut.  I didn’t take a picture because I wanted to eat it hot.  Sorry but it was so delicious!  It was made fresh, right in front of my eyes and served piping hot.  I’m not a big cider person, but Elizabeth said it was delicious as well.  The farm also has apple picking but the season was over.  Bummer.  I was happy that the maze was not muddy though since my shoes got nasty on Saturday! After doughnuts and cider, we walked around checking out what else the farm had to offer.  There were goats, llamas, chicken, rabbits, tractor rides and a mini maze for the younger ones.  The highlight was the pig race (which you can spot in the background).  I felt bad for the little piggies but at least they are being raised on a family farm and not in a factory right?  There were four little guys that race around the outer edge of a fenced pen.  One was named Kevin Bacon.  I think he won.  There were many families at The Connor’s Farm but also plenty of people our age, which was not surprising to me.

Question of The Day: Have you done any fun fall activities yet this year?  If so, share your favorite below. 

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