Cycling, Abs & Arms at Recycle Studio Boston Common!

I love when new fitness studios open in Boston! Recycle Studio has expanded to a second location on Boston Common (the first block of Newbury). I took Rebuild Ride this morning for the inaugural 9 am class that combines 30 minutes of cycling with 30 minutes of abs and arm strength training. I signed up a week in advance because I was so excited to try the class taught by Recycle newcomer Erica.

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My Recycle buddy Sarah, who runs EventBrite in Boston, signed up as well. It’s fun to have someone to take new classes with and Sarah and I love the same stuff. She can get up earlier than me but works with my lazy butt. I also managed to convince Michele to come try the class with us! Last night, I took her Barre Blast class at BTone and told her to sign up after learning she had never taken a class at Recycle before. I was excited to see her already on a bike when I arrived right next to Sarah. We look like team ninja!

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Forgive the terrible picture above, but I wanted to show how the new studio has more bikes than the South End location. I think there are 19 total for students. The picture of us above it the area where we did the abs and arms. The space is incredibly bright, clean and just gave off an overall happy feeling.

The 30-minutes of cycling was intense. We did a lot of hills, jumps, climbs, booty taps, you name it we did it. It made the time fly by but was one of the most challenging spin classes I’ve taken. The music was great and had a good mix of new jams to good oldies that are great for spinning. Bonus points to Erica for playing my favorite workout song by Robyn, Dancing on My Own. I always feel inferior in spin classes when we do sprints and everyone’s legs move so fast you can’t see them. I feel like mine are always so much slower than the rest of the class. We did sprints but only with enough resistance that I never got the “I suck at this” feeling. I really liked Erica’s balance between positions during the class as I was never bored and constantly sweating.

The abs and arm portion was like a relief after the cardio. We all used 4 lb dumbbells but 2 lbs were available. We had a good variety between different exercises. Nothing too long and many of the moves were perfectly timed so that your muscles were fatigued. The abs were a great combination of planks, Pilates moves, bicycles, knee to elbows and other moves done in a plank position that I love but don’t get at Bar Method. This was the first time the class ran since it opened so I’m sure Erica has ideas and was asking us for feedback.

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I brought with me a to go packet of Perfect Fit protein powder to put in my water bottle after we finished. This helps rebuild and repair your muscles so you can recover faster and be ready to kick butt at your next workout. Sarah and I planned to grab breakfast afterwards and was overjoyed when she suggested Flour Bakery.

I had been eying the steel cut oatmeal on the menu the past few times I’ve visited but it’s either sold out or I’m in the mood for lunch. Sarah just so happened to have tried it the day before and said it was a must have. When it came out, she informed me that yesterday it came with apple. I like raspberries better so I was excited but good to know they switch it up on you. It was really filling and delicious. I didn’t have to sweeten it at all.

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I love that Boston is beginning to embrace the boutique fitness studio. Have you given up your big box gym just yet?

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