Do you set daily intentions?

In the summer, I hate when I put off running until later in the day and then it rains. It’s the worst. Same goes for a snow storm. If it’s coming later in the day, get your workout in asap before you just want to snuggle on the sofa in sweatpants. This AM, I headed over to Bar Method early. I was whipped in the face by small beads of hail and wasn’t able to look straight ahead but I made it in to class and was happy to get my workout over with. I try to check the weather regularly at night for the week ahead to plan my workouts accordingly. IMG 3441

Snow in March is the worst.  I’m ready for Spring and there should be an on/off button for winter. March is my least favorite month and my birthday even lands on the 23rd. After class I made fresh juice with kale, celery, ginger, lemon, cayenne pepper and tablespoon of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar. I love the spicy zing the ginger and cayenne create. I would chug the juice in a second if it didn’t exist and it helps aid digestion and fire up your metabolism. Thanks Instagram for the fun filters although I bet this would look better with nothing at all. 

IMG 3447

As part of my Institute of Integrated Nutition studies, each morning I take a moment to set my intention for the day, list my priorities and jot down what I am grateful for. Usually I say something like my job, my roomie, family, friends or apartment in the South End but today I was grateful for my YouTube network, Deca TV. For those of you who are not YouTube experts (which is probably all of you), networks are the new norm. Most full time YouTubers do not own their channels anymore but rather we are managed by networks who sell the ad space on our channels and help us with opportunities that we wouldn’t have access to if we were just on our own. Deca helps me annotate my videos, learn what’s new with YouTube, contacts YouTube on my behalf if I have issues and helps promote my content across the other channels who are a part of Deca. 

IMG 3437

Yesterday, I received a LARGE package from UPS. I had no idea who it was from. I opened the card and saw that it was from my lovely network congratulating me on reaching 100K subscribers on YouTube. It was so sweet. This was a huge milestone for me, and people not in the YT community don’t really understand so it was really awesome to feel important and celebrated for my hard work. IMG 3438

Inside were the most amazing spicy cashews that roomie helped me polish off already. I may need to go buy a large bag pull of these guys. IMG 3439

The gift also contained 3 mixing bowls that will be perfect for food videos, little bicycle page markers that look like colorful paper clips in the shape of a bike, bath sea salts and Champagne! 

IMG 3440

I’ve been taking baths to relax at night thanks to the suggestion from IIN and have been looking for some fun stuff to add. I’ve really been enjoying my IIN studies so far. I wrote a post this morning and then hesitated to put it up. I have been shocked by some of the things I’ve learned and am doing my best to incorporate them into my life to test out. I do find my days are much more productive when I start with a short mediation, listing my intentions and goals for the day. Listing my gratitude has not changed a whole lot since I started until today. If you are interested in IIN, the next session starts March 18th! Let me know if you’d like more info. 

Do you have a journal where you jot down your morning intentions or daily gratitude? 

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