Wednesday is my strength training day and I try to get up and do it first thing in the morning.  Right when I wake up, I have 16 oz of water at least.  Next is my cup of coffee.  Last is my G Series FIT prime bar.  Today I tried Cranberry Pistachio.  It was delicious and did not make me hungrier.  A perfect small metabolism/energy booster before pumping some iron!  I quickly made a TIU protein pancake to bring and eat while I showered/changed.

There are so many studies about eating before morning workouts and increasing fat burn.  I personally have concluded that something small is best.  I stick to 50 calories, which is usually a prime bar or a half a banana.

On my way up to Equinox, I didn’t see Mark Wahlberg but I did see a clothing sample sale going on.  I am a sucker for pop up sales.  I knew I would have to stop on the way out and boy am I glad I did.

I quickly moved through my strength training workout, and even added one set of tabata intervals featuring kettlebell swings.  I also added in 10 minutes on the arc trainer because let’s face it, I haven’t exactly been perfect with the diet these days.

While I was leaving, I stopped to check out the clothing from DA Active.  It was a big like at first sight, and love once I tried them on.  The bright colors and soft fabrics reminded me of lululemon but the prices did not!  The representative told me that they actually use the same fabric.

I chose to try on the “Do It Again” Capri pants in hot pink and black.  These were amazingly comfortable.  OMG.  I needed to have them.

I also tried on the matching hot pink braided tank top.  I tried on the 6 because of “the girls” and that is what I usually am in lululemon but I needed a size 4.  I loved the fabric, the extra length and design on the back.  Super cute!

Although they may be guilty of Vanity Sizing, I still loved the outfit.  DA Active looks very similar to lululemon but unlike the overpriced favorite of mine (sorry lulu), you won’t look like a clone at the gym with matching outfits as everyone else.

I didn’t leave buying anything because I found out that shipping online is free and you also get 10% off your first order!  How amazing is that?  So if you want to buy something from DA Active, visit their site and use promo code “da234” and receive 10% off and free shipping.  Lastly, I was not paid or given free clothes for this post.  I just love helping small companies get off the ground, especially when I love their clothes.  They have a store in Hyannis on Cape Cod.  I’m going to stop there on my way down tomorrow! Click here to visit DA Active, Inc.

Do you have a favorite lululemon look-a-like clothing line that is on it’s way to stardom you would like to share?

New Competition For Lululemon

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  • Steph

    Oooh I am LOVING the braided t-strap back on that outfit! Does the built in sports bra feel secure enough? I mean, I’m no D cup by any means (haha, hardly!), but I can’t stand a bad built in… Ruins a good workout top!

    That’s Better.

  • da active

    Hey Everyone,

    Thanks for reading Sarah’s blog about da!! We are so excited to have met Sarah and we hope all of her fans will check our website out @ and also check us out on FACEBOOK!
    Just search DA ACTIVE

    Don’t forget to ‘like’ us we are almost at 500 fans and the second it hits 500 we will be doing a Facebook promo!

    We hope you enjoy our products!! 🙂

    • Cassandra

      Hello DA Active,
      I am a Canadian reader of Sarah’s. I think your clothing line is super cute and affordable unlike a certain other store mentioned in the article.
      The only problem is you are completely ignoring your northern customers, as I cannot even have your clothing shipped to my house. Canadians run too!
      Is there a sister company in Canada?

  • 4444michael

    I had bought a top for my daughter for her Birthday in Aventura, FL, and when she tried to exchange it for a different size, they REFUSED, because it was just outside of their 14 day return policy, which appeared ambiguous to me, and it was a GIFT. They failed to put a Gift receipt in the bag with the top, and the sales girl well knew it was a gift, because I requested it be gift wrapped, which they CANNOT DO either.

    Customer Service, I do not see it, even after I spoke to their corporate offices, they still refused to accept the exchange. Hopefully, this blog will send them a message that customer service comes first, and would have been more profitable in the long run.

    For me, I will NEVER BUY any LULULEMON again. You might not want to either if you support me and real customer service.


    • Sandy

      I actually ordered the capris from livefit, and although cute, are not practical. The fabric is very thin and if you bend over (as in squats, dead lifts, lunges, yoga, etc) your butt shows through. They need to have a better quality fabric in my opinion. I was excited to find them, but won’t be ordering from there again unless they improve their fabric. Unfortunate.

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