Delayed Disclaimer For What I Eat In A Day Video

Wow. The first What I Eat In A Day drew criticism that I ate too much fat. Now you all think I don’t eat enough calories, protein or carbs. I probably should have included this in the video but I guess it is better here than no where so this is my disclaimer that I should have said at the end of the video and can now be found in the description:

I don’t think I’ve eaten the same diet two days in a row. I look at WIE (What I Eat) videos as a source of inspiration for meal and snack ideas for my viewers. I do not count calories and rarely measure. I suggest doing so because it helped me lose weight in the past (and on required occasions now). Many people said that I was not eating enough in my latest video so here is a breakdown of what I said I ate in the video in italics and what I really meant:

Breakfast Smoothie – 305 calories

– Scoop of Vega Protein Powder 130 calories, 1 Banana 100 calories, 1/3 cup of Mango 35 calories, 1 cup of Almond Milk 40 calories –

I do not measure my bananas and I don’t measure the mango. I eye ball it. So maybe it’s a large banana and 150 calories or a small handful of mango, I don’t measure it, but I know it’s about 280-330 calories and I’m good with that.

SarahFit LongLeanSmoothie

Snack – 100 to 300

– Mini Raw Revolution bar  100 calories –

This kept me from getting hangry one day in between teaching classes. Maybe I ate a big dinner the night before. Maybe I added some peanut butter to my smoothie and I forgot. I don’t know. The 100 calorie bar was enough. Sometimes, I’ll have a bar and then a scoop or two of peanut butter. That means my snack is between 100-300 calories.

Lunch – 430 calories 

– White Kidney beans 100 calories, SuperSeedz 160 calories, Olive Oil 100 calories, plus veggies and lettuce that I don’t care to count the calories for –

I actually haven’t made this lunch probably since I shot the video but I was on a kick for a while. It is really good especially with in season veggies like cherry tomatoes. Plus my “blueberries for dessert”. Let’s be honest, I usually have a ginger chew or two as well which adds on another 30 calories.

Snack – 240 – 400 calories

 – Packet of cashews 240 calories –

Again this is a place where if I’m really hungry, I’ll eat more or less depending on my previous meals. On many days I do eat more but on this day I chose to just highlight the nuts because I eat them regularly. They are not always in a small individual bags though and when that happens, I probably eat more than 200 calories per serving.

Dinner – 440 calories

– Salmon 4 oz 200 calories, Roasted Sweet Potatoes 150-200 calories, Broccoli 45 calories – 

This is a total amount for just plain salmon with roasted sweet potatoes with a little olive oil and broccoli. This does not include fun dressings or marinades on the salmon or bbq sauce I dip my sweet potatoes in sometimes.

After Dinner Snack aka Dessert – 30-250 calories

 – A banana soft serve, 200 calories or a Ruby Rocks veggie and fruit popsicle, 30 calories – 

Again, depending on what I eat during the day, my after dinner snack might be more or less than this if anything at all.

Bottom Line

AT A MINIMUM – I’m eating 1600 calories a day according to what I spoke about in my video. The fact that people are saying I don’t eat is surprising to me. Is this why people have trouble losing weight? They are miscalculating their calories or are they so far removed from what portion sizes actually look like. I had one person who shunned me in a comment for thinking that a 240 calorie pack of cashews was a sufficient snack! It is.

This is not an example of what I eat on a day that I go on my long runs for marathon training. This is also not an example of what I eat in a day when I go to a wedding, the beach or a cocktail party. Most Friday and Saturdays you can bet I have had at least 3 glasses of wine. I don’t drink during the week.

These things are not included in my WIE video because my YouTube channel is not a reality show. Yes, I am honest but I’m not trying to exploit my weaknesses for ratings or views. I’m trying to help give advice and inspiration for my viewers and readers who are trying to live a healthier lifestyle. I don’t hide that I eat ice cream, cake or drink cocktails so why would I put it in a WIE video. It’s not really helpful.

If you are reading this, you know that you can lose weight without giving up your social life and that is my goal. You don’t need me to give you permission to have a cookie because I said I had one in my video. You also don’t need to have one if you don’t want one just because I said that I did!

Since my YouTube viewers do like these sorts of videos (High 5 for 10K views in 24 hours whaaaa!?), I’ll probably do more and I’ll be sure to be perfectly imperfect and balanced so that my diet pleases everyone.



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