Wow. The first What I Eat In A Day drew criticism that I ate too much fat. Now you all think I don’t eat enough calories, protein or carbs. I probably should have included this in the video but I guess it is better here than no where so this is my disclaimer that I should have said at the end of the video and can now be found in the description:

I don’t think I’ve eaten the same diet two days in a row. I look at WIE (What I Eat) videos as a source of inspiration for meal and snack ideas for my viewers. I do not count calories and rarely measure. I suggest doing so because it helped me lose weight in the past (and on required occasions now). Many people said that I was not eating enough in my latest video so here is a breakdown of what I said I ate in the video in italics and what I really meant:

Breakfast Smoothie – 305 calories

– Scoop of Vega Protein Powder 130 calories, 1 Banana 100 calories, 1/3 cup of Mango 35 calories, 1 cup of Almond Milk 40 calories –

I do not measure my bananas and I don’t measure the mango. I eye ball it. So maybe it’s a large banana and 150 calories or a small handful of mango, I don’t measure it, but I know it’s about 280-330 calories and I’m good with that.

SarahFit LongLeanSmoothie

Snack – 100 to 300

– Mini Raw Revolution bar  100 calories –

This kept me from getting hangry one day in between teaching classes. Maybe I ate a big dinner the night before. Maybe I added some peanut butter to my smoothie and I forgot. I don’t know. The 100 calorie bar was enough. Sometimes, I’ll have a bar and then a scoop or two of peanut butter. That means my snack is between 100-300 calories.

Lunch – 430 calories 

– White Kidney beans 100 calories, SuperSeedz 160 calories, Olive Oil 100 calories, plus veggies and lettuce that I don’t care to count the calories for –

I actually haven’t made this lunch probably since I shot the video but I was on a kick for a while. It is really good especially with in season veggies like cherry tomatoes. Plus my “blueberries for dessert”. Let’s be honest, I usually have a ginger chew or two as well which adds on another 30 calories.

Snack – 240 – 400 calories

 – Packet of cashews 240 calories –

Again this is a place where if I’m really hungry, I’ll eat more or less depending on my previous meals. On many days I do eat more but on this day I chose to just highlight the nuts because I eat them regularly. They are not always in a small individual bags though and when that happens, I probably eat more than 200 calories per serving.

Dinner – 440 calories

– Salmon 4 oz 200 calories, Roasted Sweet Potatoes 150-200 calories, Broccoli 45 calories – 

This is a total amount for just plain salmon with roasted sweet potatoes with a little olive oil and broccoli. This does not include fun dressings or marinades on the salmon or bbq sauce I dip my sweet potatoes in sometimes.

After Dinner Snack aka Dessert – 30-250 calories

 – A banana soft serve, 200 calories or a Ruby Rocks veggie and fruit popsicle, 30 calories – 

Again, depending on what I eat during the day, my after dinner snack might be more or less than this if anything at all.

Bottom Line

AT A MINIMUM – I’m eating 1600 calories a day according to what I spoke about in my video. The fact that people are saying I don’t eat is surprising to me. Is this why people have trouble losing weight? They are miscalculating their calories or are they so far removed from what portion sizes actually look like. I had one person who shunned me in a comment for thinking that a 240 calorie pack of cashews was a sufficient snack! It is.

This is not an example of what I eat on a day that I go on my long runs for marathon training. This is also not an example of what I eat in a day when I go to a wedding, the beach or a cocktail party. Most Friday and Saturdays you can bet I have had at least 3 glasses of wine. I don’t drink during the week.

These things are not included in my WIE video because my YouTube channel is not a reality show. Yes, I am honest but I’m not trying to exploit my weaknesses for ratings or views. I’m trying to help give advice and inspiration for my viewers and readers who are trying to live a healthier lifestyle. I don’t hide that I eat ice cream, cake or drink cocktails so why would I put it in a WIE video. It’s not really helpful.

If you are reading this, you know that you can lose weight without giving up your social life and that is my goal. You don’t need me to give you permission to have a cookie because I said I had one in my video. You also don’t need to have one if you don’t want one just because I said that I did!

Since my YouTube viewers do like these sorts of videos (High 5 for 10K views in 24 hours whaaaa!?), I’ll probably do more and I’ll be sure to be perfectly imperfect and balanced so that my diet pleases everyone.



Delayed Disclaimer For What I Eat In A Day Video

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  • alicia

    I liked your video and thought the salad sounded awesome! I never thought you didn’t eat enough. Sounded like a healthy diet to me. When it comes to diet and fitness, there are a million ways that people consider the right way. You eat real food and enough of it. I eat very similarly to you and also don’t like to give up my social life (and also don’t drink during the week). Keep your normal posts and vids coming!! PS I love the WIE posts the most!! 🙂

  • Amy Ramos

    I never thought for a second you never ate enough. It sounds like day in a nutshell (with a little more dark chocolate).

    BTW-if someone thinks that a 240 snack is not sufficient, I may wonder what their version of a snack is???

    Keep up the great work!

  • Karleen

    I always appreciate you WIE posts and admire that you stick to mostly whole foods and don’t strictly calorie count. I think people are just out there to criticize but you don’t see them posting and putting themselves out there. Sorry you got some negative but I appreciate your WIE posts AND your workouts! I do your #bootybootcamp video like once every other week and it doesn’t get any easier:)

  • Rebecca Jo

    I used your video to make the same breakfast this morning -- I had that Vega One shake mix & was always afraid to use it -- I put frozen banana & pineapple & it wasn’t bad 🙂 Thanks!

  • Mary Kate B.

    I loved seeing your WIE video! It’s always awesome to see meal ideas from different people. If anyone has seen your blog or videos before then they know that you are a real person, you like to indulge every once in a while but you’re still in freaking awesome shape. Keep up what you’re doing, it’s working! 🙂

  • Cat

    Amazing how people feel they have the right to judge what someone else eats and whether it’s enough or not! Crikey. I think your day looks great -- and I love having noseys around what other people eat! Whether or not they line up entirely with how I eat DOESN’T MATTER -- it’s the inspiration I love!

  • Colleen

    I love your site because I think you ARE really up front about what it takes to maintain a healthy lifestyle in your 20s/30s. I definitely draw inspiration for a balanced life from your example. I personally aim for an 85/15 ratio… if I eat clean 85% of the time, then the other 15% I can enjoy margaritas with my girlfriends or a nice dinner out without feeling guilty. Balance, balance, balance!!

  • carol

    Totally agree! I love your videos and seriously looked like a nice healthy mix to me! And pretty darn clean. People will always complain and hate sadly.

  • Tonya

    I love your videos! I get bored doing the same thing over and over again and your videos give me new ideas. I too am marathon training, and people don’t realize how much your calorie intake has to vary. Today I will eat around 2000 calories (I’m 5’11”) but tomorrow is my 17 mile long run so I will probably eat close to 3500 calories. You look great and are clearly not at an unhealthy weight so keep the videos comming!

  • Alysia @ Slim Sanity

    People are crazy! I know for sure I eat differently every day. When I track it I see how much my macros can swing, and my calories can swing, based on how hungry I am or what activity I’ve done that day, or the day before.

  • Emily

    I can’t believe you have to put a disclaimer on your own content. I’m sure that is frustrating. I love the WIE series! Keep ’em coming. You’re awesome lady!

    100% agree that people do not understand portions or calories and why they cannot lose weight.

    • Kristy

      What do you mean, put a disclaimer on her own content? I love Sarah, and I definitely think the criticism she gets on YouTube is mostly silly (and over the top), but she’s a fitness professional. People will look to her for advice and clarifying her food choices isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If this were a private video, I might agree with you, but it’s clearly there to motivate/inspire/guide people for their own journeys.

  • Addie

    You go Sarah! I’m sure that many people look at those videos and compare their diet to yours, when they should just take inspiration from it. I think it would be interesting to compare this to a marathon-training-run day, too. Love how take-it-or-leave-it you are about your diet!

  • Anne

    I think you did a great job and your food looks excellent! Be proud of yourself, which I know you are, and screw the haters, they obviously have nothing better to do than be negative.

  • Leslie H.

    Wow. First off. Deep breath… Your “What I Eat in a Day” videos are snapshots, a glimpse of how to eat healthy over a 24 hour period. If anything it shows folks how to eat a day’s worth of mostly whole foods. The fact someone thought 240 calories was an insufficient snack does not surprise me. Portion distortion is rampant in society today. Any who… Keep up the good work Sarah. Always enjoy your mix of “Grocery Hauls”, workouts and recipe ideas.

  • Shannon

    I love you WIE posts! I never understand people who take the time to be so negative on the internet, and it sucks that you have to deal with that as a part of your job. Fortunately, you are awesome and I love your content so keep up the great work!

  • Purelytwins

    girl your readers would flip if they saw how much fat we ate haha
    don’t let anyone get to you, we are all different and need different things.
    you know your body and you look amazing so you are doing everything right 🙂
    L and M

  • Brooke@SweetnSweaty

    I like your video for great ideas! I could care less how many calories other people are eating because we are ALL different and require different nutrients for our body. For example my best friend is pencil thin and can eat french fries and pizza all day and not work out. I eat an immaculately clean diet 85% of the time and run everyday but if I eat pizza and french fries I would way 200 pounds. Don’t stop sharing because of the haters!

  • Sherry

    It amazes me that there’s always someone ready to criticize something that is meant to be a helpful guideline or inspiration. I don’t count calories so I could never say exactly how much I eat every day (on occasion I will use My Fitness Pal to make sure I’m getting enough calories when I’m in long-run training but it’s pretty rare). I determine how much I need to eat by how I feel.

    I love your videos and the things you share. Thank you!

    • Elizabeth

      I totally agree with you Sherry. I also don’t count calories but sometimes I would like to know how many nutrients I give to my body. That’s why I’m using I recommend it to you because you don’t have to log in there and you find many nutrietns which you can’t see on My Fitness Pal.

  • D'Arcy

    I am so glad that you spoke about this. I used to have a weight loss blog and I stopped because I was shocked by the nasty comments about my diet. People accused me of starving myself which I absolutely am not doing. I was gobsmacked that anyone could find fault in my new amazingly healthful lifestyle. I went from MacDonalds & donuts every day to loads of veggies and fruit. I truly believe that the negativity comes from overweight people who refuse to acknowledge their own role in their obesity. I owned up to my own faults and am fixing them. Don’t let those who are weaker than you get you down Sarah!

  • Stephanie

    I have followed you for many years now, since you started, and I think you are a very strong person and an inspiration to me. I don’t see how you can handle all the criticism you receive that comes with your line of work. You really open up and put yourself out there to be vulnerable. And I think it’s noble of you. Most of the fitness/health related people we see do not put themselves out there to show flaws and insecurities and their “real” self. All we see is an alter perception and photoshopped pictures to create what they want us to see. But you don’t do that. And because of that, I can identify with you and you are approachable and humble. You seem to be a normal female, like someone I would hang out with or grew up with. Everyone eats differently and has different preferences. Maybe some people need more than 200 calories for a snack or someone doesn’t need to eat nuts at all because they are cutting out fats to lose weight. There are so many conflicting articles and advice on what to eat and how to diet but as long as you are happy with yourself and the way you look in the mirror and the way your clothes fit, you should eat how and what you want. What you are doing is working for you! You are doing a great job, you have a nice figure and nice muscle tone, and you seem to be healthy, in my opinion. I don’t normally post comments but this one hit home with me for some reason! Please don’t stop what you are doing… you are helping me! So thank you for staying true to yourself!

  • Nikki

    I wish in general that people would just mind their own business with people’s food choices and weight. You just never know what people are going through. My sister is only 25 and recently discovered she has gastroparesis. There is just so much she cannot eat. She has always been petite but she is terrified of losing too much weight and being judged, people thinking she is deliberately not eating enough. I will never judge anyone and I thank you for sticking up for yourself. We are all different.

  • Kristy

    YouTube commenters are the worst (as you know), but I’m glad you clarified and put this disclaimer up. It’s crazy to me that people jump to the “People should mind their own business!” Excuse when you put this video up as a motivation/inspiration for others to live a healthy lifestyle. To me, you owe it to your followers to clarify if there are questions. People could be a little nicer than saying that you are basically starving yourself, but I hope you see what I mean.

    One thing I think you really hit the nail on the head with is that people don’t know how many calories things have. I know I struggle with that so much. When I first started losing weight (I was very overweight), I thought I was eating healthy, but by starting a diet plan I realized how out of whack my perception of portion sizes/healthy food was. Even now, after losing nearly a hundred pounds and keeping it off for 7 years, I gain a little back each year and have to reevaluate my portions/quality of food. It’s a constant struggle because we live in a society of excess.

    Thanks for your quality content Sarah!

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