Friday Q & A: Marathon Diet, Veggie Popsicles and more!

I announced on #NewVideoTuesday that I would be answering your questions today in a blog post. Due to my 18-mile training run today, this post is up late. I decided to choose just 10. I’m sorry for any that I missed!

#1. What is the brand of popsicles I mentioned in my What I Eat In A Day Summer Edition video?

Ruby Rockets Galaxy Green Frozen Fruit & Vegetable Pops. They have only 4g of sugar.

Ruby Rockets

#2. Are you training for a full marathon? Are you doing any HIIT cross training?

Yes. Chicago. Cross training, yes, but HIIT not exactly or at least not yet. I’m running 4 days a week and cross traiing 2 days a week but if I’m really sore, one of those days will be yoga. My runs vary between tempo and repeats. When I do the repeats, I technically am using interval training but not exactly HIIT.

#3. How many carbs are you eating for marathon training?

I haven’t been counting calories so I am not sure!

#4. Do you know of any way to make honey roasted nuts (as a treat) from home, so that it tastes as good as the not-so-healthy packaged versions?

No but I found this great recipe made using Truvia Baking Blend and honey that is lower in sugar and calories because instead of nuts, the recipe calls for garbanzo beans! They crunch up I promise.

#5. “So you basically eat almost nothing? 🙁 Great…I can’t eat that little. I eat 1,200 calories a day. Healthy stuff, yes, but I haven’t been losing weight as quick as I though I would. :/”

Please see my blog post from yesterday… 🙂 hehe.

#6. Do you ever eat Quest bars? I don’t think I’ve heard you mention them.

I am not a Quest bar hater if that is what your are asking. I do not eat products made with sucralose which means I don’t eat half of their flavors. I do like the ones sweetened with just stevia however. The coconut cashew is my favorite. Do I eat them a lot? No. Do I eat them? On occasion like all bars. I do not make recipes out of them.

#7. I can’t eat nuts before I run it messes with my stomach, what else would you eat before a run if it wasn’t nuts?

My go to snack before a run is a banana. Always has and always will be. If I’m starving, I will add nut butter or even a slice or two of bread and have a pb & ‘nana sandwich on Ezekial which is my pre race breakfast of choice.

#8. I read a comment that you got your metabolism tested how and where can I get that done ?!

At one of the gyms I work at, Barry’s Bootcamp, we had a truck drive up all the way from NJ to test our body fat and resting metabolic rate. I would google “Hydrostatic Body Composition Testing” and your hometown to see if there is some company that does this thing near you. This is the truck that came to our studio. RMR is a different test than the dunk tank but this lab did both in the same truck.

hydrostatic body composition testing

#9. What’s your favorite fuel for marathon training and why? Pre-run meals and during the run. Do you carb load the night before? What do you drink on training runs?

I love Clif Bar gels, the vanilla is probably my favorite. They are 90% organic. I also love the SuperCandy bean and gummy flavors, Clif Bar shot blocks, Pro Bar Energy Chews, and Honey Stinger chews. Pre run, I have a banana with some nut butter and an Ezekial english muffin. I also drink a glass of Vega Pre Workout energizer (not the sugar free one.) On my training runs I stick to Essentia which is a purified alkaline water with electrolytes. It hydrates you better so it keeps my energy higher and recovery quicker. When I run out, I use the water from the fountains along my running route if it is a long run. You can buy on Amazon or at Whole Foods. They carry it in regular grocery stores too but check their online locator.

#10. Is eating too much fruit bad for you? I eat alot of fruit.. and since you eat alot also, I was wondering how much is too much?

As my mother always said, no one ever got fat off eating too much fruit. However, if you are trying to lose weight and are eating a ton of fruit and the weight is not coming off despite eating a very clean diet that is free of processed foods and artificial ingredients then maybe it is time to cut back to just 1-2 servings a day. My Tone It Up girls suggest avoiding fruit after 3pm but I would rather have fruit for dessert than ice cream so if that is what I want, I enjoy it.

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