Triathlon Training Begins!

This weekend was low key and just what I needed. After an indulgent Nashville trip, this was my chance to lay low before heading to Miami. Friday night I checked out the Gilt City Warehouse sale. It was a zoo. IMG 3468The past 2 Gilt sales I’ve been to, I’ve paid for tickets and waited in a crazy line to get in. This time, I got a comped pass since I went to two before hand! Despite being one of the first people to enter, I really didn’t find much except for a splendid dress/shirt for $20 that you will see in a video soon and designer baby bathing suit for $9. Everyone thought it was a high wasted bathing suit bottom for myself!
IMG 3466

Afterwards, I met Roomie for a quick dinner at a near by bar called Beehive. He wanted to split a burger and fries and seeing as I haven’t had one in six months or more, I obliged. It tasted really good and the fries were unbelievable. I knew I was starting my tri training in the morning so I figured it would give me some extra energy.

I’m training at the Boston Sports Club because it’s affordable, close to home and they have a pool. I swam first for about 30 minutes. I found a workout on MensHealth.com to tri-beginners. I did 8 laps, stopping to take 5 deep breaths in between. Then I did 25 meters (5 breaths), 50 meters (5 breaths), 75 meters (5 breaths), 100 meters (5 breaths). I rested for 1-2 minutes before repeating except instead of climbing the 25-50-75-100 ladder, I started from the top and went down. I did the 25-50-75-100 one more time after the second set but skipped the 8 laps because I wanted to get in some bike and run time. My swim totaled about 27 minutes.

After getting out of the pool, I got on this spinning bike that calculated distance. I biked all 12 miles in about 32 minutes using a fun program. The bike pedals made a funny noise and was annoying but I hate the upright bikes and the spin bikes in the studio do not calculate distance.
IMG 3469

Afterwards, I hopped off and ran a 5K in about 30 minutes. I was tired but felt good. After a long foam roll, I headed back home happy and sweaty. IMG 3471

Earlier in the month, I bought a spin pass at BTone for $10 for a full 45 minute Ryde class on the Real Ryder for Sunday. I didn’t think about spinning two days in a row and I should have. The rest of Saturday was spent working and then heading out to the bars for a bite to eat and few cocktails.

IMG 3477

Class on Sunday wasn’t until 1 pm so I had plenty of time to fully wake up however the first 10 minutes of class. My legs were heavy and did not want to move. It was Melina’s 3rd class teaching ever! She did a great job for being a beginner.

IMG 3479

Blog reader, Little Miss Runshine, was in class as well and we took a picture together which you should check out over at her site! I really need to start wearing makeup to the classes I take. Afterwards, I stopped at Starbucks to grab a green juice and then by Flour to grab the Greek Salad with Chicken, one of my favorites. The juice was to hopefully make me immune to the stomach bug going around Boston. I saw Sara, my buddy from my Wednesday’s spin class who joined me for oatmeal at Flour after class, and was excited to have someone to sit down with.

IMG 3481

For dessert (because lunch really needs dessert on a Sunday), I had a Coco-Roon that I spotted at Marshalls. I am obsessed with these things but you can only buy them in CA or online and they are like $8 a package. I was shocked to see them at Marshalls and $2 dollars cheaper than usual. I picked up all 4 varieties because I don’t know when I will see them again. Marshalls is weird with their gourmet food in that you never know what they are going to have or carry regularly. Do they carry anything that’s the same regularly? IMG 3480

Anyway, these raw vegan snacks need to be recreated at home with affordable ingredients. As soon as I finish all four packs, I’ll get to work. The vanilla maple is still my favorite flavor but the lemon pie surprisingly was really good! I wish I could say I had just one, but I had to try all the flavors for research. 🙂

Today is Meatless Monday and I’ve been going strong for the past 3 weeks. I made this salad at a near by salad bar because I did not go grocery shopping yesterday. It was the bomb. I used hummus for dressing, sprouts, quinoa, beans and nuts for protein, roasted and marinated veggies for taste. IMG 3483

Are you a Meatless Monday participant? If so, do you have more meatless days or do you just do Monday?

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