Does Summer Zap Your Energy?

Summer weather can be “muggy,” so getting up early to get in a workout is sometimes the only way to guarantee a workout. If you don’t exercise in the morning, you need to stay hydrated and eat properly to keep energy levels up. People get out of work at 5 or 6 but have a good 5 hours to use for productivity. In the summer, many people sit on the couch during this time. With proper nutrition, it can be the most productive thanks to the extended hours of sunlight.

It’s official. Boston is having one of its hottest summers on record. You won’t hear me complain about the heat but you might hear me mention how this weather seems to suck the energy right out from under my feet. What is it about muggy weather that makes walking feel like your feet are repeatedly getting stuck in the mud?

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In the summer, I make it a priority to workout first thing in the morning. It is when I have the most energy from June to September and the weather is the coolest. However, this is not always a plausible scenario for those who were born night owls, drive long commutes or work early morning shifts. Some of you may be enjoying your summer a little too much and staying out late, making morning workouts highly unlikely. When it comes to 6 pm, given the heat and muggy weather, the last thing you probably want to do is go outside and sweat.

When I need to wait to workout in the afternoon, I find the energy and motivation to get me going are sometimes difficult to find. Here are my top tips for finding energy when the weather makes my energy levels crash:

1. Listen to pump up music. A little top 40 from iTunes always gets my adrenaline juice flowing.

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2. Read a fitness magazine on the commute ride home if you can to get inspired by healthy bodies and new workouts.

3. Get inspired with the help of Pinterest. Check out the Fitfluential Motivation board.

4. Have a scheduled snack high in protein, like a Premier Protein shake around 4 pm that will fuel your workout. Each shake has only 160 calories with 30 g of protein and is also full of nutrients including 24 vitamins & minerals. This will also tide you over until dinner! You can find Premier Protein at Costco, Sam’s Club and Walmart.


5. Put on your sneakers and get out the door. If you don’t feel like going for a run or making your way to the gym, at least you’ll have gone for a walk. Nine times out of ten, I usually end up running even on the laziest of days.

How do you find the motivation to workout when you really have zero energy? Share your moment of need.

When do you need an extra energy boost? As you know, I am hosting a contest through the end of August called “Energy for Every Day.” If you haven’t tried adding protein to your life, now is your chance. Winners will receive a gift pack worth $250 from Premier Protein, including a $200 cash prize to keep you active and on the go. Think of that running or camping gear you’ve needed, plus more fun swag!

I’m excited to announce the 3 winners from the first leg of our contest: KmcKinney88, Mommy Reporter and Crabcake26 from YouTube! Enjoy your gift packs and check back in with me, I’d love to hear how they energized you! Three more winners will be chosen in August and four will be chosen in September.

To enter, you’ll need to wait until Monday, July 23rd when the new video goes live and share that moment when your energy crashes and you need an extra boost. Answer the following question in the comments section of the video after it has been published, “I need protein most when… ______________” and be sure to check out Premier Protein on Facebook.

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This post is part of a sponsored campaign with Premier Protein. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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