Twitter Milestone, Skinnygirl New Flavors & Boston Weekends

This weekend was a rare summer occasion. I stayed in the city! The weather looked awful and I had a ton of packing to do. Friday night, Roomie and I went out for sushi on Newbury Street. We were sat right away outdoors which never happens at Snappy Sushi. It was refreshingly chilly, a nice change from the 90-degree days we’ve had regularly this summer. I love Snappy Sushi because it’s the cheapest sushi in the area and automatically comes made with brown rice. Photo Jul 27 8 02 05 PM

We decided to order a few new rolls including a lobster roll which had warm lobster on top… it was fine but not my favorite. I don’t like warm lobster salad. We also ordered a crispy scallop roll which is shown in the middle and was both of our favorites. The other was a torched tuna roll. We started with seaweed salad and finished all of it. I was stuffed.

When we got home, I realized I had hit a new milestone on twitter, I reached 15,000 followers! Thank you if you are a follower, if not, you should follow me because I think I’m entertaining. I also think I’m funny but most people who know me personally will disagree.

Photo Jul 27 10 23 02 PM

Saturday was going to be stressful so I made sure to get up and go for a long 6-mile run before I started my day of packing. I wore my CrossFit Reebok sports bra which surprisingly was very supportive by itself. I usually cannot wear thin strap bras while running but this puppy worked like a charm. Despite the rainy forecast, it was sunny and humid at 9 AM.

Photo Jul 28 10 35 53 AMAfterwards, I was starving. I had 1/2 of a Svelte protein shake, a few carrots and hummus and a cup of gazpacho. I made-do trying to clean out what we had in the house. I’ve never had a yellow carrot before but I think I liked it better than an orange one.

Photo Jul 28 2 03 52 PM

For dinner on Saturday, I hit up the Whole Foods salad bar. What a different experience going into WH and not being able to buy anything except what you are going to eat that night! It was a challenge. I didn’t even go around the perimeter. I went to WH earlier in the week for lunch and they were giving out CAKE samples by the register at 11 AM! It took some willpower to say no, but I admit, if it had been 5 or 6 PM, I probably would have said, “Of course!”

Sunday was dedicated to purely packing. I took an hour break to visit The Bar Method at noon. It was much-needed and thoroughly enjoyed. Never have I loved making my legs shake so much on a Sunday. Typically Sunday is my off day, but tomorrow I’m planning on being at the house all day with the movers and will take a break from my routine.

Photo Jul 29 1 11 12 PM

Mid-day, I realized we needed more boxes so I hit up the local liquor store. I never really go to the packy since I only drink wine at home (which I buy cheap at Trader Joe’s). I immediately spotted the Skinnygirl display and saw that Bethenny has come out with a few new flavors. I just might need to try these out while on vacation in Nantucket in two weeks. Have you tried any yet? I love the Margarita, but HATE the Sangria. I’m nervous to try the rest now but my friends on Instagram promised the Peach Margarita is amazing.

Photo Jul 29 2 19 21 PM

For the month, I’m staying at a family friend’s home until my new lease begins in September. I will be without most of my belongings (except for all my clothes) until then. I packed an abnormal amount for the month, but as females understand, you just don’t know what you will want to wear or what might come up that will call for that special dress! Right? I’m sad that I will be without my beloved blenders for the month. They were the hardest to part with, besides my closed toe shoes…”It might get cold randomly in August,” I tried to justify before placing them in a storage bin. Photo Jul 29 3 32 02 PM

As I began to put my essentials in my car, I thought about what else I should take with me. Even though I will not be using it, I opted to grab my 15 lb sandbag so that an unsuspecting mover would not pick up a small box with the weight inside and throw out his back. I do have my other weights in boxes but they are labeled. I’m not that mean.

Photo Jul 29 8 24 45 PM

After 2 years and 3 months in the same apartment, I’m happy to say that I got rid of a ton of junk! It felt good. I also donated 3 pairs of sneakers and tons of clothes to Goodwill. When I move in to my new apartment in September, I’m going to be giving away even more stuff but baby steps for this hoarder.

Well, that was my weekend in pictures and in a nut shell. Tomorrow, I may have an anxiety attack or two but I’ll be back on my social media addictions Tuesday!

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