Moving: The Workout

“Just think of it as a workout. The quicker you go, the more calories you’ll burn and sooner you will finish.”

Roomie suggested this to me on Sunday while packing up our apartment. I was terrible at packing but once it was all boxed up, I turned into this turbo charged lady. On Monday, our Door to Door pods were dropped off. We hired helping hands to carry the boxes and strategically make them fit. I was amazed at how much we crammed inside just 2 containers.

2012 08 01 11 48 40The pods are being stored for a month until we move into our new place. At that time, they will deliver the pods to our new address and the helping hand will come back to unload. Easy enough. Door to Door was the cheapest I found online and the customer service was friendly and helpful despite my moving panic attacks. We didn’t keep our valuables in the pods so yesterday, I rented a UHaul van to load up our patio furniture, grill and other items to drop off at my mom and sister’s places.

Around 11:00 AM, I had a protein bar from what was left in our fridge. Since I’m currently running a Premier Protein campaign, that was what I had available and I must say, I’ve honestly grown to love them! My fingers were crossed that it would give me the energy I needed to get my jobs done and it did! (I’m being serious and not compensated for saying this. I was starving before I ate it, and didn’t want to eat again until after 2:30 PM).

2012 07 31 12 37 24

We were lucky to get the UHaul since I called the morning of the reservation. Apparently the UHaul on Mass Ave in Boston is the 2nd busiest location in the USA. Who knew?! They had terrible reviews on Yelp, but I had zero problems with the van or customer service. For $19.95 plus $0.59 per mile, it was worth it. It ended up costing $55. I opted out of the insurance option. Yes, I like taking chances.

After loading and unloading all the patio furniture (including our grill) at my sister’s apartment on my own, it was 2:30 and I needed a break. It only took me a little over an hour because I was implementing Roomie’s wise words of wisdom from Sunday. I worked up quite a sweat!

2012 07 31 14 31 46

I grabbed a grilled chicken salad from Cafe L’Aroma with feta and fresh corn on the cobb. None of the dressings looked enticing, so I grabbed the oil & vinegar and added a packet of mustard. There was a bit too much oil for my liking so I spooned some out. Yes, I can be neurotic, don’t judge.

2012 07 31 14 44 06

The salad was satisfying and delicious, just perfect. I had a bag of Sweet Potato Popchips for dessert when I got home, too. The last trip was to my mother’s to drop off a few boxes, which Roomie helped me with. By the time everything was out of our apartment it was 7 PM. I walked over to Trader Joe’s and got some groceries for our temporary home. I opted to create a summer fruit and grilled chicken salad with strawberries, blueberries, slivered almonds and TJ’s Asian Vinaigrette.

2012 07 31 20 29 27Earlier in the day, I went to The Bar Method and grabbed a coffee at Berryline (a local version of Pinkberry that is trying to be a coffee place too) on my way home. To my surprise, they said I got a cookie with my coffee! I will be going back obviously, so this littler trick worked on me. I opted for the Taza chocolate meringue and saved it for later. I was very happy that I did because along with a glass of wine, it was the perfect ending to a physically exhausting day. I capped the night with a little Olympic fever. One of the gymnasts (Allie) is from Needham, a town right outside Boston, so the local media is going wild over her. It’s fun to cheer on a hometown athlete!

Now that the move is complete, I get to look forward to my sister’s wedding in just 10 DAYS!!!! I can’t believe it’s already here.

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