Exhale Yoga and My Hangover Remedy

Exhale Spa is a popular mind-body spa that has 3 locations in Boston alone. It also has locations in New York, California, Texas, Chicago, Florida and Georgia! In addition to providing spa treatments, they also offer fusion fitness classes. Their claim to fame is Core Exhale which is like a Barre Workout but they also offer Yoga. Last Monday, I was invited by EventBrite to attend a Yoga class for runners class called “Put Some Miles on Your Mat” that was being held for charity. Since I had never been to Exhale before, I was excited to see what the hype was about.

The Exhale Spa that I was visited was the Battery Warf location in the North End. The building was obviously new and very sleek-looking. The lights were dim in the lobby which is shared with a small retail shop featuring a small trunk show, Lululemon clothing and other not so familiar brands. There was also a bar set up featuring Vita Coco and their mixed cocktail concoctions for after yoga. The locker rooms were nicer than my Equinox, rivaling Sports Club/LA. I love when lockers can be locked with a secret 4-digit code rather than a clunky lock you bring from home. I always forget them at home or at the gym, losing it for good.

The yoga room was medium-sized. There were more studios but ours had window facing the street. The noise from outside was undetectable. We were brought through a gentle yoga sequence focused on increasing flexibility in commonly tight muscles of runners. It was not challenging but nice for a cold Monday night. I went running earlier in the day so this felt good.

Afterwards, we were treated to cocktails featuring Vita Coco. I enjoyed a coconut water with a bit of rum and pineapple juice in it, creating a healthier pina colada. I had something similar to this while at Legal Seafood with bloggers Brittany and Tina last Spring.

I was able to bring home a case which was perfect timing. My number one hangover drink is coconut water and on Friday, I had a fancy event to benefit The Steppingstone Foundation in Boston. My friend Maggie is on the board and we go every year. It’s an open bar in the beginning, and as I’ve mentioned before, I’m not very good with those. I bought my dress from Rent The Runway on clearance for $75. It was a Nicole Miller and boy am I glad I got the size up!

Here I am with friends, Brooke, Liz and Caitlin. This was my first time using RTR. I still don’t know if I could justify just renting a dress for a night since I feel like I can get a pretty good deal on RueLaLa these days for the same price to own.

Needless to say, I had a blast. This was the last picture roomie took during the night with my camera.

When I woke up, my phone was going off. I had totally forgot that I was supposed to go for a training run for the Reach The Beach relay at 10:30AM. In my defense, I thought it was scheduled for Sunday. Had I known it was on Saturday, I would not have signed up for obvious reasons. I was glad however that I could open my fridge and enjoy a Vita Coco right away. I ended up having a hangover free Saturday despite overdoing it on the red wine.

What is your hangover go to strategy?

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