Family Vlog #5: Trader Joe’s Haul, Parade + Total Body Workout

I’ve been spending a lot of time focusing on my YouTube videos as I mentioned previously. I committed to doing 8 family vlogs and we are on number 5 already. This has made me realize how I really do want to continue but on a separate channel. I am therefore officially starting a second family channel, something YouTube originally told me not to do.

Here is vlog #5 which features the Patriot’s Super Bowl parade, a total body workout, a Trader Joe’s haul and Tommy being cute (obviously).

A few people asked me why YouTube told me not to start a family channel and I’m honestly not even sure. They asked if I was sure I’d be able to consistently upload to both channels (I wasn’t), would the content sharing audiences (some of it would) and if the content was similar at all (a healthy breakfast for me is also a healthy breakfast for Tommy most of the time).

In my mind, my viewers have been with me for a long time and many have become mothers. I thought they would like the mom stuff but I had a ton of followers who were not on board. I resisted the second channel and wish I hadn’t.

Therefore, moving forward, SarahFit on YouTube will feature healthy recipes and workouts. My new Mommy Channel will feature everything else that has to do with family life. Tommy recipes, product reviews, mom and baby workouts, weekly vlogs and more. It will be less “polished” because I’m going to be doing all the leg work while trying to take care of Tommy, maintain this blog, my social channels, business emails and all the other projects that you probably don’t realize exist in a days work as a full time blogger. Did you know how painful a day can be if your site goes offline or even gets hacked!? What about a nasty troll or evil fellow blogger who threatens to sue you??? Add in a child. It can be mellow and fun, and other days work can be incredibly stressful.

In regards to my family channel, what do you think about ditching the “FIT” from my branding? Some one asked me why I would abandon the hard work I’ve put into creating a name for myself but part of me was like, “Well, I’m one kid in and yes, I’m still ‘fit’ but what if I change my mind after the next one???” I would love to hear your thoughts.

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