The Uncertainty Of “Influencing”

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  • Tami

    I like the quickness of Instagram. Blonde ponytail does a great job . While I do still read blogs sometimes I have 4-5 posts backed up in Feedly

  • Justine Kelly

    My favorite is YouTube, I feel like you can get so much more from a blogger via video, and I feel more invested in that blogger from watching them as opposed to reading posts.

    I commented on FB too but I didn’t receive the email about SFitGym even though I had been paying the 3 month membership (my last payment was December). Can you forward the email to me?

    I love the idea of a 30 day program. I’ve been following your workouts for years and always find them to be super effective!

  • Darlene

    I use Facebook everyday, utube when I need info on form. I came across your videos on ifit on my firestick, when I was looking for healthy lifestyle shows. Love your honesty about what you eat and great style. ????

  • Renee

    I might be old school but I still enjoy reading blogs. I love Instagram but feel more invested in a “brand” when I read it. I will watch an occasional you tube video no snap chat, I’ll follow a link on Facebook if it looks interesting. I don’t if you “boost” on Facebook but it does annoy me if I see the same ad over and over. Thanks for what you do. I can’t imagine putting my life out there!

  • Annie

    I love Instagram but truly, i love reading blog posts. I love getting an inside peak into what others are up to, workout ideas, meals, etc. Instagram is great for quick videos and pictures but I never save workouts from there and tend to visit blogs/websites for that.

  • Marieve

    Love readingyour blog. I don’t use instagram and with a 10 months old baby I don’t have time to watch video (also not convenient because I need to use volume) Reading your blog is my way to relaxe at the end of the day. Even your family vblog, would love to hear all about them but again reading is way faster and easier. ????

  • Bridget

    Although I do love reading your blog, I think you are right in acknowledging the increasing demand for short form content. I imagine creating content for a blog is a lot more time consuming than updating Instagram. You might get more bang for your buck time-wise by focusing on building a larger followingon Instagram.

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