SNOW DAY!!! Sweat + Eats Update

We are in the middle of a snow storm here in Boston and I thought I’d take the time for a little update here on the blog…

Snow Day
Work Update

I’ve been uploading family vlogs on Sundays to my YouTube channel. When I would usually work on a blog post, I’ve been editing these. They vary week to week and feature mainly Tommy and myself doing what we do best, snuggling, playing with dogs, working, working out and eating.

If you like the average day to day stuff, I highly recommend checking out the family vlog series. I’m launching a family channel soon and will likely continue to upload the family vlogs there. Stay tuned for that…

Early Morning Chicago Trip

Last week I went to Chicago for the day for work, leaving Tommy behind with Nick. I taught a couple of fitness classes to two different agencies. In 2017, I’m trying to say yes to things I couldn’t last year and this is a perfect example of something I had to say no to with a newborn.

I also said yes to the Cycle for Survival with New Balance… which took place a few hours after my 18 hour day to Chicago. The event raises money that goes towards benefitting rare cancers through research and patient care. The energy was contagious and despite being brought to tears before I began my ride, it was a really positive experience.

Cycle for Survival



My workouts have changed a little bit lately because I’ve been working out before Nick goes to work.

I’m going to spin one or two times a week still at Recycle, but have been able to bring back my love for BTone! I had to stop going to the North End location which has babysitting because of Tommy’s nap schedule. I now go before Nick leaves for work but after Tommy wakes up. It’s things like this that make me love living in the city since we both have short “commutes” – me to workout, him to the office.

BTone with Nicole


On the weekends, I’ve been trying to go to new studios and try different instructors. A favorite has been Britt’s bootcamp at Turnstyle. It gets pretty packed but it’s a good 45 minute class which is all I really want these days. I loved Sara’s Fusion class at BFX but it’s an hour long. I haven’t been back to Barry’s for the same reason but plan to go this weekend.

I have gone on a few runs lately, but nothing over 4 miles and maybe twice since the new year. With the cold and wet weather, my cardio mainly comes in the form of spin class but occasionally I’ll jump on the treadmill for 20-30 minutes. Today, spin was cancelled and so I ran on the treadmill like I was taking a spin class, switching up my intervals each song from quick sprints, to hills and endurance. It went by fast! I should do that more often.


When it comes to food, I haven’t been paying much attention. I splurged last week and grabbed a couple of pints from Little G’s Ice Cream. I’m enjoying the extra calorie burn from breast feeding…

Little G Ice Cream


It’s made by a South End high school student who has been featured on the Today show, NBC news, Chronicle and more. The flavors are pretty awesome and she makes all the mix ins herself from the cookie dough to brownies. Each pint was $12 and 330 calories per serving so I will not be buying this regularly but it was really good. You can buy it in the South End at Sienna Farms next to the Butcher Shop but it sells out fast I hear.

I tried the Triple Cookie Dough and the Fudge Brownie. The Brownie was my favorite which surprised me as I’m usually a cookie dough gal!

Also, latest obsessions include Birch Benders Protein Pancakes. I’m not totally off the wagon! I make them in my waffle maker for easy clean up and they came out great without adding any oil or anything. The high protein are my favorite but I haven’t tried the sweet potato yet which I’m excited about.

Birchbender protein waffles


For more favorites and workout updates, follow me on Instagram @SarahFit, I’ve been uploading a bunch to my stories. I will warn you though, there’s a lot of Tommy on there too 🙂

Be sure to tune in on Sunday for my latest family vlog where we go to the Patriot’s Parade, play in the snow and more!


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