Favorite Stand Up Paddle Board Moves

Goodness it gets cold in the North East quick. Spring and fall always seem so short. It’s extremely hot and then it’s freezing. Where have all the mild days gone? This weather has me dreaming of my time spent in the Caribbean this summer.

We worked on putting together the Fit In Paradise deal for almost a full year! I honestly wasn’t sure if it was happening until my flights literally were booked in May and by that time, I had just learned I was pregnant. I would be traveling non-stop during weeks 10-12 of my first trimester.

SUP Workout Grand Cayman no text

We had planned to shoot one Stand Up Paddle Board workout video at one of the resorts and chose Grand Cayman. I was feeling very self-conscious because I was battling nausea and craving comfort foods. I didn’t have a ton of morning sickness but I still craved my typical hangover remedy foods, which meant eating lots of carbs on a regular basis. I had a bagel for breakfast almost every day of my first trimester.

Here is the video we shot while I was between 11 and 12 weeks pregnant in a bathing suit! I loved Grand Cayman and can’t wait to go back. The water was seriously perfect.

Have you ever looked back on a picture of yourself and remember feeling insecure the moment the picture was taken and then thinking in the present, “What the hell was I thinking!? I look great!” ???

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