I workout hard for many reasons.  One of the hundred is that I enjoy my cocktails.  Roomie suggested “Fit for Fun” as my blog’s tagline the other day.  I like this because it’s true.  I stay fit so that I can have fun!  This weekend, if you are going to have a drink or two, know that no alcohol is going to help with any weight loss program but it is possible to maintain choosing wisely at the bar or party.

Here is my list of beverages, in no particular order, approved for those who strive to be “Fit for Fun”:

  •  Bloody Mary – It’s like having a salad with you vodka.
  • Light beer or white wine – Boring but always available at the bar and a safe at parties.
  • Vodka Soda – Snooze again, but seems to be most “fit for fun” ladies’ go-to.
  • Champagne –  There is a reason people joke that models live off cigarettes and champagne.
And now for the fun ones!
  • Skinny Girl Margarita – Yes, I bitch about how I used to work with Bethenny and I lost my chance as superstardom but hey, the drink is legit even if I did edit the first video featuring the recipe on YouTube (which has since been taken down).
  • Mango Rum w/ Soda Water and Splash of Pineapple Juice (and a cherry)- My new sweet favorite.
  • Champagne w/ St Germaine and Soda – A new addition to my favorites list.  St Germaine is elderflower liquor and delicious.
  • Sweet Tea Vodka w/ Stevia Sweetened Lemonade – This is my beach drink.  I bring the vodka, ice, water, and packets of Crystal Light Pure Lemonade.  Amazing.
  • Clear or flavored rum with Pineapple flavored coconut water – It’s like a wannabe pina colada.
What is your favorite go to cocktail?  Has anyone seen the lower calorie version of Sweet Tea vodka by Firefly? I can’t find it anywhere but I know I read it was coming out.  Also, Bethenny Frankel is coming out with SkinnyGirl Sangria!

Fit For Fun: Sarah Fit Approved Summer Cocktails

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  • Chelsea

    I drink gin, water and Crystal light (lemonlime or pink grapefruit.. or really whatever flave I have lying around) I’m in France on exchange so I got my friend to bring me a bunch from Canada so that I could stop drinking my usual Rum/coke. Not sure how good gin & water is for you, but it does the trick for me! The gin is really hard to taste, compared to vodka, so thats why I prefer it, because I tend to drink a lot.

  • Allie

    I want to try rum and coconut water now! I love rum, but I hate how sweet most of the mixed drinks with it are--coconut water would be just the right hint of flavor and sugar!

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