FitBloggin YouTube Talk & Blogger Dinner

Friday morning, the agenda called for CrossFit with Reebok. From my previous experience, CrossFit demo workouts tend to last 15 minutes, an intense 15 minutes but less than what my body is used to. The workout was harder than I expected in a good way, especially the pushup burpees! However as anticipated, the actual fitness portion only lasted about 12 minutes so I was glad I fit in a few planks during the talking.

After breakfast, Cathe Friedrich instructed a cardio class with bands and sliders. It was truly a challenging workout and I was happy that I did it. After 45 minutes, I had to head upstairs to get ready for my very first solo presentation at a blogger conference, “Harness The Power of YouTube”. I’ve spoken on panels before, but have never run the show on my own.

Fitbloggin YouTube Talk

If you were at the event, here is a link to my YouTube presentation.

Fitbloggin 2012 YouTube

By this picture it looks like the house was empty but that’s because there were tables in the back for bloggers to use their computers while listening. Nobody wanted to sit in the front row 🙁 Hank Hanna did though! Thanks, Hank!

Afterwards, we went to dinner at Pazo, a Baltimore Tapas restaurant that was a perfect setting. We started with some champagne and I had a couple of glasses of red wine that were $5 during happy hour. We tried about 15 different tapas. My favorites were the zucchini cakes and crab bunelos. The other bloggers of course took pictures but I did not. In the photo below is Brittany, Julie, Tina, Monica, Sarah (who is the owner of Nuts About Granola), Lauren, Lindsey, Me and Karen.

Pazo Baltimore Blogger Dinner

In the morning, Brittany my roommate for the weekend and I went for a 4 mile run along the Baltimore harbor. I love Baltimore’s inner harbor and Fells Point. It’s so cute. The temperature was a perfect 65F when we left. When we got back, we got ready to visit Expo East for 1 more hour. We were able to get a picture with Bob from Bob’s Red Mill! They make my most favorite steel-cut oats. They have won many taste test competitions when it comes to oats over the years so they know how good their product is. Bobs Red Mill

Afterwards, it was time for a snack break with The Laughing Cow. They were sampling the new Smooth Sensations Cream Cheese Spreads on bagel thins.

Sarah Laughing Cow Cheese

I found myself peddling the cinnamon flavor on the other bloggers like Brittany who hadn’t tried it before.

Eating Bird Food

For some reason, bloggers are skeptical at first of the flavor. After they taste the slightly sweet cream cheese, they quickly are converted into fans. I heard Thomas is coming out with Pumpkin flavored Bagel thins. This pairing is going to be a fall favorite in my household.

Laughing Cow Cinnamon Cream Cheese

Now, I’m not promoting TLC as a lactose intolerant friendly product however I met a girl named Amy last night who says she is unable to eat dairy products except for the regular Laughing Cow cheese wedges. I thought this was crazy and really cool and wanted to share it with you guys. She said she knows 4 other people who have had the same experience. Now again, if you are lactose intolerant, I’m not suggesting you go eat TLC BUT if you have tried it and are lactose intolerant usually, let me know below!

Have you ever been to a blogger conference? What is your favorite party? Trying new products, hanging out with and meeting friends or listening to the speakers?

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