When I began my YouTube career I loved working out, eating salads and having dessert.  I knew I didn’t always have the best eating habits, but I was always excited to workout.  Five years later, I’m eating cleaner and hitting the gym for my general health and well-being rather than just weight loss. Fitness makes me feel energized, accomplished, stress free, happy, and grounded. I’m taking control to reduce my odds of developing diseases like heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes and breast cancer.

This is why I chose to become a certified personal trainer and not a nutrition expert.  One day milk is good for your bones, the next it’s causing acne on my face and giving me hormones I don’t need.  The field of nutrition is constantly changing but most professionals agree that a little exercise is always a good thing.  Here are some of my favorite workouts:

  • Fat Blasting Circuit Workout – Burn 400 calories in less than 50 minutes.  This workout consists of running for 10 minutes followed by a set of body weight moves. Series is repeated 2-4 times.  No equipment is needed.
  • Beach Bum Workout – This body weight workout focuses on your butt.  The routine lasts about 10 minutes, features 3 moves with no equipment and will have your glutes burning.
  • 35-minute Running Interval Workout – This workout lasts 35 minutes and is geared to burn more fat in less time.  You may need a treadmill or GPS unit to complete as intervals are based on distance, not time.
  • Lean Legs, Slimmer Thighs – My least favorite body parts are my legs.  This fusion workout focuses on ballet-Pilates-yoga moves that promise to lengthen and strengthen the thighs and side butt muscles.  No equipment is required.
  • Cardio For Beginners – I do most of my workouts but since I am not a beginner I don’t have a ton of these routines.  I created this one for my viewers who are new exercise and want to begin running.
  • Yoga Abs and Butt Workout – One of the hardest yoga videos I’ve created, this workout dedicated to abs and your butt is challenging!  It requires no equipment and is easily one of my favorites.  It is done is real-time so you can follow along!
  • How To Become a Morning Exercise Person – Although this is not a workout, it’s a favorite post.  I have always wanted to be an early bird when it comes to fitness and when I listen to my advice, I can do it!

For many more workouts, visit my videos page for a library of my YouTube videos. You can find routines for specific body parts or total body.

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  1. Hi Sara!
    I am 18 years old and going off to college in the fall. I have been trying to lose these pockets of fat under my armpit and also near where my arm meets my back. This doesnt allow me to wear any tanks or dresses without a cardigan which is such a hassle. I am a classical dancer and a runner but losing wight hasnt really helped much. I have tried using dumbells and going to the gym but nothing helped. Is it stuck and is surgery the only option. I do NOT want surgery! I want to lost this through some hard work and sweat! Please help me! :/

    1. Sadly, I have this as well and there is not much you can do but reduce over all body fat. It is one of the most common places to be photoshopped! Pushups and chest presses are the only exercises that may help.

  2. Hi Sarah,

    I am a mother of 4 and grandma of 2;I am 38 years old and Ive always loved to workout but i don’t seem to have the energy i use to have. I do eat healthy and i do exercise; my main concern of my body is my legs, arms and abs. Can you please tell me what type of exercise i can do to tone my Abs,Legs, and Arms. I don’t need to lose weight; just need to tone my body!


  3. my name is sophie and i live in the uk i came across you videos i found them really awesome! im 17 and about 16 stones am trying really hard to lose weight but i dont no how i want to start running as i have a beach near my house but im worried incase people look at me! i have a fatty tummy bingo wings arms my legs are big and am normally around a size 18 in the uk i really want to get down to atleast a 12 or a 10, i really want to be able to go on holiday next year with my boyfriend and go in the pool or even on the beach! i dont no what foods i can or cnt eat i find it really hard i never no what work out to do i no i must be such a pain! if you could give me some tips i would be so happy!

  4. Hey Sarah, i am 13 years old and i have always struggled with being over weight and i am just tired of always giving up and not finiding results. I am going into gr.8 in the fall and i just really want to be slim and confident..especially because of graduation! Any suggestions?

  5. Hey Sarah,
    I’ve been struggling with anorexia and bulimia for years now.
    I would eat as little as physically possible,and then exercise as much as physically possible.
    I then went through a phase where I would binge on thousands of calories,and then purge it all up.
    I would purge up to 60 times a day.
    Your website and your videoes have been a HUGE inspiration for me to begin the road to recovery.
    I’ve been in intense therapy before,but honestly you and your advice has done more to help me than any doctor.
    I’ve slowly began to binge less,exercise a more normal amount,eat enough to be healthy,and just feel better about myself.
    You are such a huge inspiration,and such a good role model for young girls.
    Keep up the great work,you have totally changed my life.

    1. Thank you Marley so much! They are both VERY hard diseases to fully overcome but know that support is always available. One bad day should not ruin your week and one bad hour should not ruin your day. Thank you again,you are the reason I do what I do and I’m so glad I could help you. I myself have overcome my own issues and knowing that I’ve made a difference is empowering. Thank you!

  6. I just discovered your website and my mom and I are OBSESSED! I’m currently studying abroad, and my gym membership just expired. I was following a body weight workout program, but actually some of the exercises were easier with equipment, and so I was worried about how I was going to get my workouts in without my gym membership. SO EXCITED about your no equipment required workouts! Keep them coming because these are the best kind of workouts! I love going for a run and then lifting like a crazy person in the park. I go to school near Boston, and once I get back in shape I would love to join you for a workout or two!

  7. Hey Sarah,
    I struggle with doing cardio, especially running. Do you have any suggestions for losing body fat without running? Also, is it possible to ever eliminate cardio while keeping strength training and a clean diet, and still maintain a low level of body fat? And sorry, last question -- is pilates better for a more skinny, firm look than strength training+cardio?

    Thank you SO much! I LOVE your channel, you have been such an inspiration to me! 🙂

    1. YES to the first question! Strength train with 30 seconds in between sets to keep heart rate elevated. In regards to Pilates NOOOOO. It’s good but only if you have low body fat to begin with. Strength training will melt the fat MUCH MUCH faster.

  8. Hi! My name is Maena and I am 14 years old. I am 5ft.5 and 134 pounds. I want to lose 10 pounds or 7, at least or even 5 pounds, I don’t really know yet :S
    I have always wanted to lose weight but I don’t have support from anyone, so I am by myself on this one :(My family always says that “She’s never going to do it” and also make fun of me (it’s in a funny way but it still hurts) I have started to do crunches , follow your videos and all that stuff…for a week now.
    My eating habits are good, but I can still make changes…
    I guess I am asking for specific advise, support and help 🙂

    P.S -- I am going to start High School so I want my friends to be wowed and look at me differently.
    -- I have additional information:
    BMI : 22.2
    Waist to Hip ratio is : 0.97

    Thank You,
    Maena 😀

    1. Hi Maena, you are perfectly healthy. I’m actually the same weight/height as you are. My suggestion would be eat real foods and don’t eat artificial ingredients. If you are serious about wanting to lose 5 or 10 lbs check out the eat clean diet book by tosca reno.