When I began my YouTube career I loved working out, eating salads and having dessert.  I knew I didn’t always have the best eating habits, but I was always excited to workout.  Five years later, I’m eating cleaner and hitting the gym for my general health and well-being rather than just weight loss. Fitness makes me feel energized, accomplished, stress free, happy, and grounded. I’m taking control to reduce my odds of developing diseases like heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes and breast cancer.

This is why I chose to become a certified personal trainer and not a nutrition expert.  One day milk is good for your bones, the next it’s causing acne on my face and giving me hormones I don’t need.  The field of nutrition is constantly changing but most professionals agree that a little exercise is always a good thing.  Here are some of my favorite workouts:

  • Fat Blasting Circuit Workout -Burn 400 calories in less than 50 minutes.  This workout consists of running for 10 minutes followed by a set of body weight moves.   Series is repeated 2-4 times.  No equipment is needed.
  • Beach Bum Workout – This body weight workout focuses on your butt.  The routine lasts about 10 minutes, features 3 moves with no equipment and will have your glutes burning.
  • 35-minute Running Interval Workout – This workout lasts 35 minutes and is geared to burn more fat in less time.  You may need a treadmill or GPS unit to complete as intervals are based on distance, not time.
  • Lean Legs, Slimmer Thighs– My least favorite body parts are my legs.  This fusion workout focuses on ballet-Pilates-yoga moves that promise to lengthen and strengthen the thighs and side butt muscles.  No equipment is required.
  • Cardio For Beginners – I do most of my workouts but since I am not a beginner I don’t have a ton of these routines.  I created this one for my viewers who are new exercise and want to begin running.
  • Yoga Abs and Butt Workout – One of the hardest yoga videos I’ve created, this workout dedicated to abs and your butt is challenging!  It requires no equipment and is easily one of my favorites.  It is done is real-time so you can follow along!
  • How To Become a Morning Exercise Person – Although this is not a workout, it’s a favorite post.  I have always wanted to be an early bird when it comes to fitness and when I listen to my advice, I can do it!

For many more workouts, visit my videos page for a library of my YouTube videos. You can find routines for specific body parts or total body.