If you plan to wear a sexy Halloween costume this year, you may be thinking more about ab exercises this week than usual. You obviously can’t lose a noticeable amount of fat, if any, in your abdominal area by Thursday but there are a three tricks you can do to have a flatter, more toned looking tummy.

#1. Do my new Halloween ab workout today, tomorrow and Thursday!

This ab workout is killer and similar to the at home Barry’s Bootcamp strength sets I shared yesterday on the blog. This ab workout features one minute intervals of various ab exercises, moving from one to the next without resting in between. Rest at the end and repeat one more time. My costume in the video is of course being, Sarah Fit (we shot this at Tina’s house after the CrossFit vids and forgot to bring a costume for me… womp womp).

Screen Shot 2013 10 29 at 9 17 39 AM

  • 1 minute Caterpillar Walk Outs
  • 1 minute Plank
  • 1 minute Russian Twist
  • 1 minute Left Oblique V-sit
  • 1 minute Right Oblique V-sit
  • 1 minute Leg Extensions
  • 1 minute Pilates Roll Up
  • Watch now if you are not familiar with the moves listed above. Repeat 2x

#2. Reduce Evening Carbs

This is one tip I learned from the Tone It Up girls. By reducing the starchy carbs that you eat at night, you will wake up with a flatter looking stomach. Limit fruit to before 3 pm as well.

#3. Banish the Bloat

To reduce bloating, drink plenty of water, avoid high sodium foods and limit your dairy. Aim for at least 1/2 of your body weight in ounces of water. Skip the morning latte or opt for a non dairy alternative like soy milk or almond milk. Have oatmeal instead of Greek yogurt for breakfast. Beans can also cause bloating as will sugar free gum.

I’m headed to Los Angeles today for work and will be Trick or Treating with my 5 year old nephew on Halloween. I can’t wait, even though it means not being in Boston if they do win the World Series at home. I’m shooting a video with MyDamnChannel on Friday morning in Long Beach where it will be 80F!

Flat Abs for Halloween Costume Workout

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