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Fresh Diet is a meal delivery service that is calorie controlled and delivered to your doorstep literally each morning. Many celebrities have used it to slim down as it’s like having a personal chef who controls your calories. The food needs to be reheated some times but is never frozen or dehydrated. You can choose your 3 meals and 2 snacks or leave it up to the chef (a little cheaper). Your calories are determined by Fresh Diet’s team to help you reach your goals.

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When I first attempted to start my own business, Fresh Diet reached out to me to review their services. Like many blogger/brand exchanges in 2009-2010, I was given comped meals to share on my Tumblr and YouTube channels. For this reason, I was able to work on my blog nearly full time without making the money to support myself. I am grateful to them for that reason but like all my reviews this is unbiased. 

They reached back out this summer to see if I would give it another try to test out their new recipes so I accepted. 

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I chose to have my meals delivered on days that I knew I did not have dinner or lunch meetings which resulted in mostly Tuesday and Wednesday deliveries but could have done Monday-Sunday. When choosing my meals, I recognized most of them from 2010. I saw old favorites and a few new ones that I knew I needed to try. I updated my meal preferences including no sucralose and noticed that most meals had pictures and even calorie information. If I selected a meal that had one of my “prefer to avoid” ingredients I would be warned. If you select too many carb heavy meals, it will let you know. I think it uses a similar “Zone Diet” approach to macronutients.

I remembered being frustrated with the morning meals. There were no breakfasts that were dairy, gluten and artificial sugar free in 2010 and still weren’t. Again, I am not allergic, I would just prefer to eat things that naturally do not have these things. However, everything that I ordered was delicious. 

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Cinnamon Raisin French Toast with blueberry ricotta cheese and apple slices. I did not like the syrup so I didn’t even eat it. Two out of the 5 mornings I got the large fruit bowl option with yogurt or ricotta cheese. 

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I am not a huge yogurt/ricotta person because most of the time it is sweetened with added sugar or sucralose. I tried the chia pancakes which were delicious. Again I avoided the syrup because it tasted funny, maybe sugar free syrup but it was not flagged as such. The turkey bacon was fine. I haven’t had it in ages so it was funny to start a mid-week day like this!

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One morning I got the granola which seemed to be a cup of granola and 1/4 cup of ricotta cheese with a little bit of fresh pineapple. The granola was good but made me curious what the rest of the day would be like. Was I eating all my calories allotted for the day first thing!? This is maybe 1/2 of the granola in the bowl below. You can see the remainder in the top left of the shot. 

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The snacks were usually a mix between sweet and salty for me. I liked the panna cotta, chocolate dipped figs with pistachios, shrimp skewers, proscuito wrapped melon and broccoli slaw with sliced turkey. 

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I used to love the cheesecake from Fresh Diet but this time around it was flagged by my ingredient preferences. I still could have ordered it but since it is made with Splenda, I declined.

Lunch was always my favorite and still is. You can order a sandwich but they always have one or two big salad options. I ordered ahi tuna one day.

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My favorite fruit and grilled chicken salad which I remembered from 2010. The chicken was a little different and I doubt organic, something that didn’t really bother me much back then. 

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The vegetarian options seemed to be really heavy with cheese and not much protein so I ordered mostly chicken or fish salads.

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This pistachio crusted salmon salad was probably my favorite lunch this time around but I have no idea if the salmon is farm raised or wild. 

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If you notice the calories on the labels, those are given to you. You don’t get to choose. Last time I did Fresh Diet I had them increase the calories to 1600-1800 but some how it went back to 1200-1400. I never gave them my height, weight or age this time around so I assume my calories were determined by the info I gave them back then. I supplemented my meals with my own snacks as needed. 

This dinner was probably my favorite, Ahi Tuna with Brussels Sprouts and Mushrooms. You pick your two sides separately as well as your main meat dish. I noticed last time and this time again, most people must skip the weekends so the best dinner are on the weekend menu. 

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I remebered to take a picture after I was almost done eating it. Even reheating rare tuna, dinner tasted great. The sides were really delicious. I wish there was more volume to the dinner menu but I guess you can always add your own extra broccoli or what not. 
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I enjoyed the crab cakes the last time I ordered them but this time they were not my favorite. They tasted a little too fishy for me. i think I should have pan seared them instead of putting them in the microwave. 
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At the end of my 7 day trial, my opinion was not really changed to be honest. I didn’t notice the new recipes and if they were there, I didn’t love the lunch or breakfast menu so I skipped that day. 

The Good

  • Convenient. Bag dropped off at your door step every night. Doesn’t get easier than that. 
  • Variety. There are plenty of options to choose from as long as your are not vegan or have food allergies.
  • Fresh. The food is fresh. It is not dehydrated or frozen like many diet systems. 
  • Reasonable cost. I think Fresh Diet is reasonably priced as low as $28 per day. I spend easily $10 on lunch and dinner if I eat both meals out. Add in snacks and breakfast subtract the time it takes you to prepare each meal if you value your time and it comes out to a reasonable cost if you live in a city like me where $10 lunches are expected. 
  • No kitchen clean up!

Can Improve

  • Volumetrics – I like to eat a lot of low calorie foods to help me feel full at dinner. I would have liked more veggies at dinner and less sugar at breakfast.
  • Calorie system needs adjustment – Now that they post the calories for each meal, I could see that one day what I selected was actually just 1100 calories! I didn’t realize this until the end of the day. I ate more than the amount given to me but was curious why I was so hungry all day. 
  • More options for today’s dietary preferences – I eat a lot of vegan meals and would have liked a few options. If you eat a gluten free, vegan diet there really wasn’t a meal for you. 
  • Transparency on where ingredients come from. I would have liked to know if the chicken was organic, free range or if the salmon was wild. Same with the veggies and fruits. What were organic and what was not. 

Final Word

Fresh Diet is a great option for people who want to lose weight without thinking about what they are making or eating. If you want someone else to do the dirty work, Fresh Diet is a good option. If you prefer to eat mostly organic and know what is in your food, it probably is not for you. I will admit I went from not caring in 2009, to caring a lot in 2014 so Fresh Diet is probably not for me anymore but I did like the meals and convenience for the week. I could see myself ordering it before vacation if I had a busy work week scheduled.

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