Gangnam Style Cycling, Luna Bar Giveaway

It finally happened. My spinning instructor at Equinox had us cycling to YouTube viral hit, Gangnam Style by Psy. Yesterday, I wrote a post for The Laughing Cow community blog sharing my morning to attempt to learn the dance and ended up breaking a sweat. I wrote that I would be surprised if the dance was NOT included in Zumba like classes given its cardio intensity. I guess I wasn’t expecting it so soon but I loved it.

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I burned 463 calories during the Cycle Beats class. You are supposed to cycle to the beat of the song that is playing. It’s the only spinning class I do at Equinox. Jeff, the instructor, is entertaining and sings during some of the jams as well. Am I the only one that only increases my bike intensity 70% of the time an instructor says to do so? The class is a perfect 45 minutes.

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I despise spinning. The only reason I do it is because it kicks my butt. My body gets used to running. Going for a 60 minute run is easy for me these days because my body has adapted. I need to push myself with intervals to actually see fitness gains from my running these days. Spinning is a battle. I sweat and see results quicker. If I did it regularly though, that would change. Similarly, regular indoor cyclists probably hate running. I’d love to do a triathlon in the near future, so it’s also like training to me. At class, I met reader Brianna! I love when people who read my blog say hello if they see me.Since rain was in the forecast and Tuesday is a cardio day in my fitness schedule, I booked the class first thing in the morning so I would be sure to go. I had a Blueberry Vanilla Luna Fiber bar around 3 pm for a snack. It powered my workout and kept me from getting hungry before class which was at 6:30 pm. I LOVE these bars. I first wrote about them in August. Luna saw and sent me a few of the other flavors to try including Chocolate Raspberry.

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I also tried the Peanut Butter Strawberry which was also amazing. The chocolate was probably my least favorite but still good. The reason I like them is because they taste great and are filling. Yes, I am proclaiming that a measly 110 calorie bar is filling. I was shocked when I ate my first. I will admit the price tag for a box is steep for 6 snack bars – $5. You can buy them individually at Whole Foods but really, these should be priced like Kashi granola bars. They are not meals.

2012 08 29 12 21 20They taste like Nutri-grain bars kinda with the fruit filling but taste less processed and better! They have more substance to them and the crunchy topping takes the cake.

2012 08 29 12 22 00

Today, you have the chance to enter to win a box of the Luna Fiber bars! Since I loved them, Luna wanted to give one of you the chance to try it for free!

To enter, leave a comment down below letting me know what exercise your body hates! If you do it occasionally for a kick in the butt like I do with spinning, let me know. If not, why do you avoid it?

Winner will be chosen on Sunday 9/23 since I will be down at Fitbloggin’ the rest of the week! If you’re going to be there, let me know down below too. I’ll count it as an entry too!

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post but the products shown were sent courtesy of Luna.  I did buy two boxes at Target this weekend with my own money.

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