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I shared on Instagram yesterday a new chicken meatloaf recipe. I forget how easy they are to make and convenient to have on hand. They don’t need additional flavor, but the mustard lover that I am, had to put a bit on top. I bought 4 small jars at Stonewall Kitchen over Christmas and was excited to try the roasted garlic flavor. I paired it with lightly stir fried veggies and avocado using my Amazing Ginger Sauce and a little Siracha on top for kicks.


The recipe is simple. You just use 1-1.25 lbs of ground chicken, whatever is in the package I buy at the store I use. Add in one egg, 1/4 cup of coconut flour (can sub with almond meal, ground oats or breadcrumbs), 1 tablespoon of garlic powder, 1 teaspoon of cumin, salt and pepper to taste plus 1/2 small Vidalia onion chopped and 2 celery stalks chopped. Mix it all together with your hands or large spoon.


Evenly distribute between muffin tins. I made 6 but if you have smaller cups, you should have enough for 12. People asked on Instagram what a serving was – and that depends on your muffin tins. For me a serving was either one, one and a half or two depending on the rest of my meal. You know a serving of chicken should be about 3 – 5 oz. Depending on how many you make and how much chicken was used, that means you should get 6-3 servings out of this recipe. This is also a Paleo recipe if you use the coconut flour!

Turkey Meatload Paleo

I was exhausted Tuesday night and wanted to sleep in on Wednesday. It was going to be my only day this week NOT teaching at Barry’s so I wanted to get in a different workout. The only places with classes at 9am or later are yoga and FlyWheel in Boston. Since Sunday is my yoga day this week, I opted to try out FlyWheel again. I took class with Jess again and enjoyed it. Her music was on cue this time and it was challenging. Her arm sequence was also killer. I wasn’t sure what the difference between FlyWheel and Recycle was until my fourth visit to Fly. Recycle has much more choreography. They switch from positions frequently within the same song and match it up with the music almost like a dance. They are also constantly cranking up the resistance. FlyWheel varies their RPM’s during a song but not so much the resistance. Recycle does this too but it’s mixed in with other stuff. I’m sure some Fly teachers do this but the 3 that I have taken have not. It’s a good workout and worth trying if you haven’t yet. I believe the first class is free.


Afterwards, I stopped by Barnes and Noble to check out the latest health books and stumbled upon this gem, 21-Day Sugar Detox by Diane Sanfilippo featuring a recipe for Not-Sweet Coconut Cookies which I shared on Instagram. I haven’t read the book but think I might have to pick it up! Have you read this one yet? The recipes looked simple with minimal ingredients – what I love! I also wanna check out The Little Book of Thin written by Lauren Slayton. My friend Kristy used her as a food trainer in person in NYC to lose weight for her wedding in October and she looked amazing!

This morning, I taught at Barry’s and then took class with Derek afterwards. I grabbed a Banana Nut smoothie with spinach right away. On my way in to the studio, I picked up a green juice for breakfast and while I had enough energy to power through the workout, I was hungry by the end – I burned a whopping 734 calories – 80 of which came from teaching my class.


Getting ready in the locker rooms, I was in a blogger mood and took a shot of my favorite product of the moment, Supergoop! CC Cream. Thanks Birchbox for introducing me to this amazing line of products.


By the time I was almost home, I remembered I had no food back at the apartment and stopped by the Chubby Chickpea Food Truck. I ordered the chicken kabob plate which was only $6 on the truck menu. When I went to pay they said it was $8.50 – I told them the menu said $6, but would pay the extra. They gave it to me for $6 anyway so I gave a couple bucks as tip. I was shocked at how cheap it was listed for Boston food trucks. It came with flavorful chicken breast, hummus, Israeli salad which was cucumber, onion and tomato, plus a side of grilled veggies. I wish I ordered the tabouli instead of veggies but loved the plate! One of the few “healthy” options at Boston food trucks!

Chubby Chickpea

If you are Bostonian, what is your favorite healthy item at our lovely Food Trucks and have you tried FlyWheel or Barry’s yet? I’m teaching next Thursday at 5:20pm (for all you 9-5’ers).

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