Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms who read my blog. While I do not know what its like first hand, as an auntie I know the demand, love, selflessness, lack of sleep, and patience that moms give to their children. My sister gave birth last week to her first child (and my first niece!) on May 7th. Cameron Louise weighed in at 7 lbs 1 oz after only 45 minutes of pushing. Way to go Sister! While she has only had the privilege of being Cami’s mom for just a couple days, I have no doubt she will be a truly extraordinary mother in the years to come. Happy 1st Mother’s Day to my sister and also my mom who showed us what a loving mother looks like and welcome to the world Cami Lou!

IMG 3837

IMG 3840

IMG 3842

I can’t wait to spoil this little princess. My sister told me that while pregnant she had a dream that Cami wanted to be her Auntie Sarah for Halloween so she dressed up in workout clothes!

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