As you know, I’m a big fan of juicing. I like to dedicate one day a month to just drinking juice and as a result, I’ve been contacted by many companies to test out their own brand. Full disclose, I did not pay for this juice cleanse but this is my honest review. Skinny Limits is based out of Austin, TX. They ship nationwide. I loosely did the 3 day the week of marathon bombings. I didn’t want to post about it then because I just didn’t feel right about it. I took some pics but kept it on hold.

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The cleanse I did was the standard 3-day with 4 green juices, 1 nut milk, and 1 spicy lemonade. For a look at what the process is like when you order a one from a source that is not local, watch the video below.

As with all my cleanse reviews, here is my disclaimer. I do not think you need a juice cleanse to rid your body of toxins. I do them because love them. I love how they make me feel during and after. If I’m hungry, I don’t restrict myself from eating a hand full of nuts or some avocado. This helps keep the feelings of deprivation at bay.

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The one thing that I will say with doing a cleanse that is not local, is the pain in the butt it is to ensure delivery. UPS and FedEx are the worst. Sometimes, they don’t even knock on my door and then say I wasn’t home. I’ll leave notes to call my cell, leave the box on my front step and still they won’t do either. My internet wasn’t working all week (thanks Comcast) and so I had to work at Starbucks. Since I was expecting a UPS delivery before 10:30 with the juices, I stayed home until 8:30 and then headed over to Starbucks with a seat facing the street so I could check for the delivery (I also left a note on my door asking them to leave it at the door).  Long story long, they said they came and I wasn’t home but did not leave the box or a ticket saying they came! I had to track down the driver to get the juice so it wouldn’t go bad. Thankfully UPS was able to redeliver at 2:30 pm after pleading and begging.

With the California company in March, there was a snow storm in the midwest that delayed the delivery a day. Since it was winter, the juices stayed cold and were fine. I don’t think Skinny Limits would have been so lucky if I had to wait another day. The juices are not pasteurized at all so they do go bad after 4 days. The juices at Starbucks and Whole Foods stay good longer because they are high pressure pasteurized. The argument on whether or not this effects the juice’s raw benefits is debatable but why not just go unpasteurized (as long as you are healthy, not pregnant or seriously ill) from a local supplier if this isn’t convenient for you, ya know?

So, this is my 4th cleanse that I’ve reviewed, have you tried one yet?

Skinny Limits Juice Cleanse Review

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  • Janet

    Not the main point of your post but seriously though about UPS and Fedex… I thought I was going crazy by missing packages and stuff but they are THE WORST. Urbanite problems or something 🙂

    • Sarah

      That’s a hard one. They are all really good to be honest. I like doing The Ripe Stuff the best because the owner drops it off for me the day before at my house. With all the others, I had to wait around for UPS or FedEx which was a disaster since they are unpredictable and required me to start the cleanse the day I got it and withhold from eating until it arrived at about 10:30 am. Taste wise, I liked all of them and to be honest, can’t really tell the difference. The smaller companies though are not high pressure pasteurized like BP so I would generally stick with those or another local one if you can.

  • Eileen

    Hey Sarah, UPS and FedEx are total a-holes. I was expecting a harp delivery (massive box) and actually hired my friends to sit at my house and wait for it while I taught classes at the gym. Magic stickers appeared that said no one was home on the two friend days, and also on the third and final day when I waited for it myself -- right by the door. When I found the sticker on the third day I called and bitched them out until the manager, not a driver, agreed to drive it to my house. I could not go pick it up because my car is not that big. I avoid them when possible, but unfortunately they have a monopoly.

  • Lillian

    Would you recommend a cleanse for someone who hasn’t really dieted before and is a college student? What are some of the pros and cons for someone in this situation?

    • Sarah

      No I would not. It would probably be too much of a shock to your system and a waste of money if you aren’t able to do it. I would start with maybe a green juice in the morning to see if you like it.

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