I can’t believe it’s only been a full month since the Marathon Bombings. It seems like forever ago. The memorial still stands and is still growing. The sights where the bombs went off still have a policeman each on detail. Forum, the restaurant behind one of the bombs is still closed for renovation. Things are starting to feel normal-ish. IMG 3828

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook then you know the reason for my absence on the blog this week is because I have been shooting the pictures for my book that is coming out… in December. I wanted to have glowing skin for the week so I tried the new Spring Cleanse from The Ripe Stuff before hand. I am obsessed with the cashew milk, the 6th one. The rest were delicious as well. I did have a mini handful of almonds around 4 pm but was good other than that.

IMG 3845

IMG 3846

Monday morning before the first day of shooting, I went for my Tone It Up booty call which was a 30 minute 10-20-30 interval run. Working out before being on camera is a little trick I always try to do as it helps alleviate puffy eyes if I shoot in the morning and reduces water retention in my face.

IMG 3851

IMG 3852

We have been shooting all of Massachusetts. I was so excited I forgot to take many pictures but managed to remember a few times. I also remembered to do some stupid faces.

IMG 3866This afternoon, I was inspired to go for a long run after the shoot in honor of the 1-month passing of the bombing. I didn’t feel right smiling for the selfie so this “not impressed” olympic gymnast McKayla impression is what came out…

IMG 3867

Tomorrow is the last day of shooting and then it’s time to concentrate on finishing up the text for the book. I’ve been cooking up a storm, testing recipes (one of the reasons I had so much energy for the long run, energy balls do give you energy) and working on the rest of the chapters, I’ve had zero time for the blog. I can’t believe how fast time has flown since I signed the deal. It seemed like just yesterday I had a month to finish, yet the bombings seem like they happened forever ago. Why is it that a 1 month deadline creeps up on us but tragedy 1 month ago feels like 6?

Lately, I feel really stressed out and haven’t been able to get a good night’s sleep in weeks. The book has forced me to put many things on hold and I’m not sure if how I’m dealing with it is the right thing to do. I’m having bad dreams and then wake up wondering what they mean. Do you believe our dreams tell us things we should listen to? What about your gut vs your heart? I’m a heart kinda girl but my gut I think is causing the anxiety. Why pay for a shrink when I have blog readers, you guys have the best advice and that is why I’m asking!

It’s only been a month…

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  • Lindsay

    I am looking into getting a Polar Heart Rate Monitor
    Was wondering if you could do a review of how you like your version/ or if u have had any other versions or brands! Thanks

  • María

    I only get bad dreams when something’s not right in my body! For instance, I only know for sure I have a fever if I get really weird nightmares while sick.

    I don’t know whether dreams actually mean something or not, but I think they’re a good reflection of your state of mind and health. Try working on your book somewhere other than where you normally do! E.g: A library, a coffee shop. Works for me when I’m stuck and start procrastinating.

  • Geri R

    Sarah--I say listen to your gut. I believe that’s your intuition — a deeper part of you that always “knows” — speaking to you. Take it more as a caution sign rather than a “must follow.” Perhaps if you look at it that way, you’ll be able to find some peace, knowing that it’s your unconscious mind guiding you. Hope that helps! Also, huge kudos on the book! What a great accomplishment!

  • Judy

    I once told my psych teacher that I had a recurring dream about a clown living in my basement and how all the kids in my neighborhood thought he was so cool but only I knew just how evil he was. He asked me what I thought about class clowns, and I told him that I actively hated them lol. After that I began to obsess over writing down every detail of my dreams and would spend too much time/energy trying to analyze my dreams. Our minds are like a battlefield and our emotions at a certain time can totally warp the way we once viewed something. I agree with Maria that our dreams can reflect our state of mind. I tend to go to sleep with a lot on my mind, so my dreams are usually nightmares. I try not to overanalyze my dreams anymore and kind of just take away my first impression and thought when I wake up--i.e. “I thought I was over this, but maybe it still bothers me.” Otherwise I will feel anxious all the time and spend too much of my day interpreting my dream from the night before, and focusing on how to make the dream go away, rather than focusing on the present, living my life, and responding to what may have caused the dream. Anyway, I am sorry to hear that the book is stressing you out! In a perfect world the writing process is as fun as the reading process haha. I too hope you can feel refreshed by working in different environments. Maybe if you can only spare a few minutes between writing you can tweet an S.O.S. and maybe we can offer some humor or encouragement? We appreciate all you do! Thank you, Sarah!

  • jenny

    sarah -- i dream (or at least remember my dreams) whenever i’m feeling deeply, no matter if it’s good feelings or bad or sad or angry or what. if i’m on a hardcore diet program and feeling deprived or over-tired/sore from working out, i’ll dream hard. if i’m anxious about a big event coming up, i’ll dream hard. i try not to think about or analyze the dream (just makes me even more anxious!!) but i’ve just noticed the pattern. when things are light and happy and easy peasy in life, i sleep well and don’t remember my dreams. you have a lot going on, a lot on your mind, and you probably feel spread too thin… my guess is that you are just living hard and dreaming hard. it’ll all even out soon and warm sunny summer days are ahead! (i’m in portland maine … hello neighbor!)

  • Allison

    I agree that Boston seemed forever ago…it is still unbelievable to me. I am starting the Pressed Juicery 3-day cleanse today…so excited! I think that our dreams are a reflection of what we really want/are feeling in life and don’t want to admit to ourselves. That is at least what I have found from personal experience. I tend to worry about little things I can’t control, when I know I want to just listen to my heart, but it’s difficult for me because my gut gets in the way. I think you need to listen to whatever you know is right deep down in your heart 🙂 <3

    • Sarah

      If you want to buy just one, you’ll have to time it right. They are sold in Recycle Studio (the spin place in Boston), but they are only open before and after classes. The doors lock while the class is going on. So, check the recycle schedule and go either 3-15 minutes before a class begins or in the 10 minutes after it finishes. You can order it online as well which is your best bet as they sell out at REcycle often.

  • Katie

    hey sarah- i have a couple takes on dreams from both my training as a yoga teacher & my own personal experience with dreams. Usually, when I am propelling myself forward to the next chapter in my life (and pushing my emotional + physical limits) I dream through some of those fears. I’ll dream I have to jump off a cliff or that I’m completely totally lost or find myself in some scenario where i don’t feel like anyone has my back. I think it’s just a way of shedding the beliefs that were holding you back. I went through a lot of gut issues and my understanding of the chakras definitely has opened my eyes to the fact that our intuition lies in our gut. Gut feelings are powerful. Always, always listen to them, but don’t buy into fear. Hope that helps!

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