It’s only been a month…

I can’t believe it’s only been a full month since the Marathon Bombings. It seems like forever ago. The memorial still stands and is still growing. The sights where the bombs went off still have a policeman each on detail. Forum, the restaurant behind one of the bombs is still closed for renovation. Things are starting to feel normal-ish. IMG 3828

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook then you know the reason for my absence on the blog this week is because I have been shooting the pictures for my book that is coming out… in December. I wanted to have glowing skin for the week so I tried the new Spring Cleanse from The Ripe Stuff before hand. I am obsessed with the cashew milk, the 6th one. The rest were delicious as well. I did have a mini handful of almonds around 4 pm but was good other than that.

IMG 3845

IMG 3846

Monday morning before the first day of shooting, I went for my Tone It Up booty call which was a 30 minute 10-20-30 interval run. Working out before being on camera is a little trick I always try to do as it helps alleviate puffy eyes if I shoot in the morning and reduces water retention in my face.

IMG 3851

IMG 3852

We have been shooting all of Massachusetts. I was so excited I forgot to take many pictures but managed to remember a few times. I also remembered to do some stupid faces.

IMG 3866This afternoon, I was inspired to go for a long run after the shoot in honor of the 1-month passing of the bombing. I didn’t feel right smiling for the selfie so this “not impressed” olympic gymnast McKayla impression is what came out…

IMG 3867

Tomorrow is the last day of shooting and then it’s time to concentrate on finishing up the text for the book. I’ve been cooking up a storm, testing recipes (one of the reasons I had so much energy for the long run, energy balls do give you energy) and working on the rest of the chapters, I’ve had zero time for the blog. I can’t believe how fast time has flown since I signed the deal. It seemed like just yesterday I had a month to finish, yet the bombings seem like they happened forever ago. Why is it that a 1 month deadline creeps up on us but tragedy 1 month ago feels like 6?

Lately, I feel really stressed out and haven’t been able to get a good night’s sleep in weeks. The book has forced me to put many things on hold and I’m not sure if how I’m dealing with it is the right thing to do. I’m having bad dreams and then wake up wondering what they mean. Do you believe our dreams tell us things we should listen to? What about your gut vs your heart? I’m a heart kinda girl but my gut I think is causing the anxiety. Why pay for a shrink when I have blog readers, you guys have the best advice and that is why I’m asking!

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