How Do You Stay On Track When the Seasons Change?

For me, each time the weather changes in New England, my fitness routine gets a makeover. Sometimes it’s for the better, but sometimes it’s for worse. As it starts to get colder and the sun rises later, it can be tempting to sleep in and skip your routine morning run. Personally, autumn is when I am in my best shape. I can lift the most, run the furthest and feel the best about myself. To stay on track, here are 3 tips that have helped me make Fall the best season to get into tip-top shape.

1. Sign up for a race!

Last year, I ran my first half marathon in November. The slower pace of Fall allowed me to fit in long runs on the weekends without feeling the need to wake up super early to beat the heat. Having a race that you commit yourself to will keep you accountable. I challenge you to sign up for a distance or style that you have yet to conquer like an adventure race, half marathon or 2-day relay race. To prevent injuries when training make sure your shoes are not yet broken down. Buying new running shoes every 400-500 miles helps keep your feet and legs healthy. I’ve been loving my new adidas boost sneaks.

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The boost is the first of its kind that is made with TPU (Thermamoplastic Polyurethane) that just might allow you to keep onto your sneaks even longer than this as a result of its patented technology which has been shown to endure intense biomechanical testing over thousands of steps! They are super lightweight and prevent the ground from absorbing your energy as you pound the pavement, transferring it back to the shoe and giving you a bounce in your step. Check them out yourself here if you are in the market for a new pair.

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2. Create a schedule or plan for your workouts

Once you’ve signed up for a race, now you need a training plan to make sure your are on track to complete the race. I shared my own half marathon training plan last week. If you are not training for a race, having a schedule is beneficial to avoid skipping workouts. If you belong to a gym that uses Mind Body, sign up for your classes a week in advance. I recommend working out 30-75 minutes a day, 3-5 days a week for minimum of 180 minute per week. That’s a minimum of 3 1-hour long classes. If you are just going to do three days, I recommend a workout like Barry’s Bootcamp where you get strength and cardio in one session.

3. Plan out your menus and make a shopping list

Back to school season and weekends at home means you will probably be able to eat at home more often. Have the right foods in your house to save money and avoid calorie pit falls that come with constant dining out. I love making turkey meatloaf muffins on Sunday to eat throughout the week. Paired with a microwaved sweet potato and veggie like broccoli, it’s a simple, quick and healthy dinner.

I’ve been working with adidas since June on creating original blog posts for their Women’s Training site. This is an abbreviated version of a post I wrote for the site. You can read my full posts on the adidas training homepage here. Share your Fall fitness plan and goals with me on twitter using hashtag #neverhibernate!

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