My arms are killing me

This weekend, I began a new little journey. I started training to become a Barry’s Bootcamp instructor. I feel like I’m in double sessions again. On Saturday, we read through our manuals and were put through a full class. I woke up Sunday morning with my biceps screaming at me. Just one 3 minute interval using 12-15 lb dumbbells was enough to leave my arms painfully sore.

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The weather was just perfect all weekend long and put me in one of the best moods. When I returned for day 2 of training on Sunday, it felt like I was going “back to school” with the smell of crisp air and an aching body that delivered memories from soccer double sessions. Along with 10 other trainers, we each taught a 5-10 minute segment of class while doing the other instructors’ workouts. I snuck in a few snacks for energy during the 3.5 hour long session like Honey Stingers Cherry Chews and a Laughing Mini Babybel.

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The fuel bar once it’s open will become one of my go-to spots. It will be ready when the studio opens but for now, I relied on my own snacks. It’s crazy to me that Barry’s will have one of the only smoothie bars in Boston that carries almond milk, pb2, fresh fruit, coffee and kale – all with the nutrition facts right in front of your eyes. I may spend all of my paychecks here and I’m OK with that. You can buy packages 25% off for a limited time. The studio is located in Downtown Crossing on Chauncy Street.

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Today is another beautiful fall day and I’m already starting to think about what I’m going to do next weekend! Yes, I know it’s only Monday. Instead of arranging to grab drinks with your girlfriends, check out one of these fun ways to get active active with them this fall. I wrote the post for The Laughing Cow community page and had so much fun researching the different activities, I already made my own plans this weekend to bike to brunch in Cambridge with one of my friends.

I’m training at Barry’s again today, tomorrow and Wednesday. I’m prepared to be ridiculously sore every day but tonight I’m taking a yoga class at Fenway Park so hopefully I’ll be able to stretch out a bit. It’s a little chilly just in the 60’s today so we will see how tonight turns out. Follow me on Instagram for pics of the Yoga Class on the iconic ball park field.

As you know, I am an official brand ambassador of Bel Brands. While I receive compensation for my participation, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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