How To Build a Digital Fitness Brand

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I have an amazing FREE opportunity for you today. 

As you might already know, working in the digital fitness industry over the past 12 years has been a dream but I was always competing with my favorite gyms and studios. Here I was, creating home workouts but then was visiting studios myself! It took a pandemic and a move to the suburbs for me to fully embrace the home gym and guess what, I DO NOT MISS THE REAL THING AT ALL.

2020 was of course not a great year for most of us, but from a business perspective, it really made me appreciate my ability to work flexible hours from home doing something that I love and now, showing people you really can get fit and stay healthy in the comfort of your home! If you didn’t believe digital fitness was the future before March, you surely do now. 

So if, this is something you might be considering for yourself, I want you to mark your calendar and join me December 7th. 

If you want to learn from the amazing @realheidipowell and @cathysavageofficial at a FREE masterclass on How To Build a Digital Fitness Brand on Monday, December 7, then sign up now to secure your spot!

I’ve actually known Cathy forever. She is local to the Boston area and made a name for herself as the Queen of fitness competition clinics/camps locally! Heidi and Cathy are two of the BEST minds in the industry and they’ll help you take your digital fitness brand to a whole new level in 2021!

Register now to join us for this incredibly valuable (FREE) masterclass called How to Build a Digital Fitness Brand.

Cathy and Heidi have done it and now they’re sharing their secrets. Don’t miss this one day event! 

Click HERE to get registered.

P.S. If you’re ready to start your business NOW, submit your FAST Pass application today and then join us on Monday to learn from the experts. Let’s do this!!

P.S. If you haven’t joined one of my FASTer Way To Fat Loss rounds yet to be qualified to apply, my next one starts January 4th and I’d love to have you! The next certification event will likely be sometime in February so you can have your business up and running come April 🙂 – if you’ve already completed a round, you can start in January!

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