I Crashed The Tone It Up Cocktail Party

While in LA, I made it a point to see my favorite fitness ladies, Katrina and Karena of Tone It Up. Kat and I used to make YouTube videos in Boston before she headed out for the west coast. As luck would have it, they were having a cocktail party in Manhattan Beach for their beach body winners. They flew out 4 of their amazing team members for a couple of days filled with fitness and pampering.

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I was jealous of their itinerary. Stand Up Paddleboarding, beach yoga, makeovers, and photoshoots were just a few of the activities scheduled. The party even had it’s own menu! So cute and healthy of course. 
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I had the antioxidant and some of the ceviche which was outstanding. Katrina was also celebrating the new announcement of her engagement to her college “sweet heart.” Karena and Katrina are amazing business ladies, but more importantly inspirational and kind. I think that is why they have been so successful! Their winners, they shared with me were not on the ball about their own goals, but supportive towards the entire TIU community and encouraged one another. Congrats to Sophie, Laura, Holli, and Elle! Below is a picture of me with Sophie aka @SophieHowl27 on Twitter.

Sophie Sarah

I’m flying back to Boston already and will be heading straight up to Vermont in the morning for another wedding!!! ‘Tis the season for weddings. This will be my 5th of the year (but was invited to 3 others that I was unable to attend). I have heard of people having 11 in one year. What is your max?

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