In case you missed it, I had a live chat on YouTube featuring my experience so far as a student with IIN. Some of you left questions on a previous post and I did answer all of them. The video is 23 minutes long, so apologies if you just want the answer to one quick question. Check the comments on the video on YouTube to see if I already answered if you have a new one.

This morning I took Aly’s class at Recycle Studio. It’s becoming one of my favorite Friday rituals. While the class is 45 minutes long, I burn about 550 calories during and an additional 150 while making breakfast. I was in the mood for something salty so I made an omelet with kale and tomato with a side of Ezekial toast with 2 teaspoons of peanut butter. I used 1 full egg and two egg whites.

IMG 3760

At class, Aly told me that one of my favorite Recycle desk gals, Natalie was injured in a bike accident on Saturday. Nat works at Lululemon on Newbury and is a runner but also has gone through the Recycle instructor mentorship program. She suffered a concussion and broke her ankle so luckily she should have a full recovery but for someone so active, the next couple of months are going to challenging. Coincidentally, yesterday I signed up for a yearly membership to Hubway, the shared bike program in Boston that Natalie was using. I bought the helmet for the additional $20 and despite not wearing one for the past year on my beach cruiser, I will be dedicated to wearing one moving forward. Natalie, if you see this, I’m wishing you a speedy recovery! xoxo.

While I did not personally know anyone that was injured in the Marathon bombing, my heart breaks to think that many will never be able to go back to the way they were pre-Marathon Monday. Tomorrow, I will be at the Ultimate Spring Workout with PopChips helping raise money for the One Fund Boston. Both Ultimate Bootcamp and PopChips will be donating $2 for every attendee that shows up. I’m also donating money to the One Fun Boston. For each gal that can do 20+ non modified pushups, I’ll be donating $2 as well so make sure you stop over at the PopChips tent to drop and give me 20!

IIN Questions Answered!

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  • Kelsea

    I’ll do 20 push-ups virtually/remotely if that will count 🙂 awesome idea and great that you are supporting the cause

  • Sky @ The Blonde In Black

    Hi Sarah! Thank you sooo much for that video. I’m finishing up my junior year at my university and am majoring in Secondary Education; however, I have really begun to realize that I am really passionate about health/fitness and might be happier making career out of that rather than teaching. Thank you for showing me that even though I may not have a degree in nutrition or something similar, that there are options for me if I want to make a career out of heath/fitness in the future! 🙂

  • Natalie

    Sarah, this is so sweet of you! Thank you for the well wishes, it means a lot 🙂 looking forward to getting back to recycle with you asap!

  • Christina

    Hi Sarah, I don’t have twitter but I have a general question for you and wasn’t sure where to leave it! Hope you get it here.
    I am 5’7 and 138 lbs and a classic pear-shape- in the process of trying to burn all over fat (I know you can’t spot reduce but definitely trying to shed the last lbs off off the thighs/tone the lesg&booty) it seems my upper body including my face, arms and the ladies are shrinking! Though I do incorporate upper body strength exercises it seems I’m getting more and more disproportionate and I feel I’m almost losing too much weight up top and nothing has changed much with my lower body! I checked out some random forums and it seems this is a common problem but no one seems to have a good solution so I though I would ask my fav health/fitness guru! Help! What do I do?!

    • Sarah

      Hi Christina,
      Did you play sports in High School or College? By your height and weight, you most likely are pretty lean with little fat to really lose depending on the amount of muscle you have. Are you sure it’s not muscle? My honest recommendation would be to include more strength training and NOT just upper body. Body weight squats, lunges, barre classes, hip lifts, deadlifts and more! Seriously. People often just do cardio thinking it will get rid of fat but really very few people do cardio properly for fat burning, short intense intervals is the way to go, but on your own, it’s doubtful you will push yourself to that uncomfortable limit. It’s hard to diagnose online not knowing what you are doing, your age, or diet but that is my initial thought.

  • Christina

    Hi Sarah, Yes I did play sports in highschool and a bit in university- including soccer (I have heard you metion your “soccer thighs” before and I suppose I could have a similar issue… But honestly mine seem flabby rather than muscular…same with the booty! I eat very clean, I run alot including a couple days of HIIT training for cardio and I try to do a good mix of all over strength training….but perhaps regualr barre classes and or pilates would benefit me …I have never stuck to a consistent routine with that type of exercise. I know that you are a big fan of barre 🙂
    Thanks for the advice, you are the best!

  • Anne

    Hi Sarah! I have just discovered your blog and have fallen in love with it! I was looking at the college section because I am in college at the moment. Sadly, I have gained weight being a freshman. I have looked into the College Plan post you put up a few years ago but TIU doesn’t seem to offer it anymore. Do you have any suggestions as to what to do?! Should I buy the TUI plan if I will be at college? It seems so expensive if I wont have access to a grocery store at most times. Please help me out! 🙂 I just signed up for a half marathon for September and I need to start getting back on track fitness/eating wise. Thanks!!

  • Miranda

    Hi Sara

    How do you burn 150 kcal just by making breakfast ? OMG -- I must be still asleep bc I dont nearly burn that many calories just by making breakfast 🙁
    I normally hot around 380 for 45 min and 598/600 on a high intensity workout -- but most of the time I’m around 400-500 kcal for 1 hour of training. When I ride (incl the session it self and all the activity that follows preparing the horse before and after) I burn 600-700 kcal for 2 hours.
    My heartrate has its max at 172-175 and I try to hit a high HR during most of my workouts but it seems almost impossible for me to get 500 kcal (or more) burned in just 1 hour of training. I only workout at home at the moment beside riding. I dont have the time to hit the gym (or the dedication) so I workout at home because there I get the workout done! I get to stressed if I have to fit my schedule so that I can go to classes and what’s the fun in that ?
    Well -- any good ideas on how to hit a higher calorie burn?
    I do a lot of squats, burpees, strenght training (I use 5 kg DB -- 11 pounds), situps, push ups, triceps dips, jumping jacks, sumo squats, rock star jumps, lunges, lunges with a kick, donkey kicks and so on…. I try to mix both cardio and strength to my workouts.

      • Miranda

        ha ha … ohh well that make sense. I thought you did the breakfast before the class 🙂

        Do you know about if my HR is to low? Should I try to aim for a higher one? Im doing spinning class tomorrow and curious to see how high I can get. I do think I do a pretty ok workout but like I said I only get around 400 kcal when doing strength (45 min) and I can understand that’s not that high a number… try ?

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