Motivational Mantras, Weight Loss, Live Chat Today!

Hey Guys! Remember when I said I would have a live YouTube chat about how to become a Health Coach and share my experience in the Institute of Integrated Nutrition, well, I’m doing today at 2 pm EST. I hope you can make it! If not, the video will be live later in the day for you to view. I’ll be answering the questions you left earlier in the month as well as sharing the one lesson that made me sorta mad. Watch live here!


In other news, the DietBet starts today but it is not too late to join. The current pot is almost $18,000 with over 500 players. New to DietBet? You bet $35 that you’ll lose 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks. If you don’t, you lose the $35. If you do, you split the pot with the other successful betters. Sign up for the Summer Slim Down DietBet here.

A few changes are happening this time around. I will be hosting a LIVE Google hang out with DietBet participants each week to answer questions about their journeys. You also can compare your progress to people with similar starting weights. Women are divided into less than or above 159 lbs. Men are divided into above or below 217 lbs. I’m not sure if this is done systematically but between the two genders, exactly half are above or below the weight.

If you do not have 4% of your body weight to lose, please don’t join. I too wish it could be done measuring body fat but it’s just too hard to get done accurately! Body weight is the fairest way and 4% is safe to lose in 4 weeks.

I haven’t posted any meals in while and finally I remembered to take a picture! Last night, I made cod with a mustard caper sauce I read in Real Simple. It was not my favorite to be honest but was easy to make. I just mixed dijon mustard, capers and tarragon with a little extra virgin olive oil. I paired it with wheat berries which took 45 minutes to make. I added golden raisins and almond with a little balsamic glaze. For veggies, roasted asparagus in the oven it was. IMG_3739

I’m getting bored with quinoa lately and have been trying to mix up my grains. I used Bulgar on Tuesday in a stir fry instead of brown rice. I’m planning to make lentils this evening. While wheat berries are not gluten-free, amaranth, buckwheat, quinoa, brown rice and lentils are. If you eat a gluten-free diet, check out the Udi’s Community forums for more dinner suggestions.

Lastly in the house cleaning post, I’ve teamed up with Harvard Pilgrim to guest blog for them during the month of May but I need your help for one of my posts. You guys have been amazing at helping me crowd source which is why I’m enlisting your help. If I use your suggestion, you will also be featured in my post.

Question: What is your motivational workout mantra?

Rebekah Borucki of BexLife tried to give me one while in NYC a couple of weeks ago but it was by Kanye West, lol. I did like the quote but not sure I want to be inspired by a man I do not necessarily like… “Everything I’m not, made me everything I am.” What do you think? KanyAY or KanyNAY?

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