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“I’m interested in joining your next FASTer Way To Fat Loss round! Can you tell me some more information?”

Of course! Here are some details 🙂

First, this is the start of a lifestyle change. It is not a quick fix. It is not a Whole30 mindset. We are working to change your relationship with food and exercise LONG TERM. If you join, you will never have to do a Whole30 or feel like you need to practice that type of deprivation and restriction.

Second, we are different than other programs because we combine our food with our workouts for maximum fat burning capabilities. You’ll learn how to live an intermittent fasting lifestyle combined with whole food nutrition, carb cycling, hiit and strength workouts all perfectly scheduled for efficient, effective and sustainable results.

Third, our workouts are the best. I strongly believe this to be true! I have been doing them for the past year and every time I used to go to a class before COVID-19, I would regret not doing the FASTer Way ones. Now, I’ve tried Instagram Live workouts, apps and various programs and ours are always my favorite. Get in and out in 30 minutes! They are so effective for the female body. They avoid overexercising and get you results in the shortest amount of time necessary.

Ok, so here is what is included in your $199 new client package:

  • 6 weeks of all programming materials to accelerate success in the FASTer Way. Think of it as a 6-week training course to learning what intermittent fasting is and how to do it safely, as well carb cycling and tracking macros!
  • Weekly workout plans that include low impact, home, and gym workouts. This includes LIVE workouts each and every day.
  • Daily coaching and support from ME, your certified FASTer Way to Fat Loss coach
  • Meal plan and recipe guide to assist them in the FASTer Way.
  • Nutrition recommendations with a focus on whole food nutrition, balanced macros, intermittent fasting, carb cycling, and effective workouts to transform their life.

Some questions I often get are regarding the meal plan and workouts, “What if I want to do my own workouts or I don’t want to eat the meal plan?”

First, with the meal plan, you do not need to follow the meal plan. It is there as a guide to help you create your weekly meals. If you struggle to hit your macros, it is really really helpful! Planning is a huge key to success in the program. I personally do not follow the program meal plans regularly. I look at it and get some ingredients for some of the recipes to make! I love every recipe I’ve tried but I’m a creature of habit and like to make the same recipes each week!

Second, you do not HAVE to follow our workouts. We think they are the best but if you’re training for a race or you love a certain app/trainer/program, I will work with you to pair the workouts best with our meal plan as we pair our workouts with our macro targets which change. It’s not as confusing as it sounds, I promise!!!

More FAQ:

  1. You can do this while nursing!
  2. Is this vegan friendly? YES! There are two meal plans each week, one being vegan and the other meat eating. 
  3. Wake up at 5 am to workout? You pick your fasting window! This program is designed to work long term. Let’s find a window that sets you up for success.

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Not yet convinced? Here is a recent testimonial…

“I wanted to both lose the baby fat from having two kids and get stronger.  My body felt really soft after having two kids, and I constantly was trying to flex muscles just to make sure I still had any? After two 6-week rounds, I lost a total of 16-17 inches all over my body! The crazy part was that I did not kill myself working out (honestly, I scarcely worked out) and that I never felt like I was deprived of food. I had such great results with FASTer Way and I’ve been talking about it ever since!

However, I was skeptical because I had already been doing intermittent fasting and was relatively conscious of what I ate.  I mean, I definitely ate ice cream often and California burritos once in a while, but I am reasonably in tune with nutrition, how much protein, carbs, calories, etc., are in foods, and was conscious of balancing them.  I wondered, “I’m already doing intermittent fasting and eating low-carb most days.  I’m already doing elements of what FWTFL does–how much more effective could this program be?” I jumped in hopeful but also skeptical.

While doing the program, my skepticism actually grew because I felt like I was eating more than ever some days!  Coming from a low-carb lifestyle to eating tons of proper carbs was weird, a little scary, and sometimes a discipline.  Some days I felt like I was eating CONSTANTLY!  I thought, “Umm…how is this going to work?”

But it turns out that intermittent fasting alone wasn’t enough.  A low-carb lifestyle wasn’t enough.  It’s the strategic way that FASTer Way combines intermittent fasting, low carb days, and macro nutrition that is so effective.  Plus it strategically pairs different nutrition days with types of workouts.  All of those cylinders firing at once is so, so, so important and led to great results!”

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If you have a question – send me a DM on Instagram @SarahFit as my comments here have been flooded with Spam that can’t filter out! I’m changing my website however VERY soon and they will be back up and running.

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