It’s official. We bought a house in the ‘burbs!

This has been a very hard secret to keep and while reading your messages on Instagram, it looks like I didn’t do a very good job as everyone thought my announcement was a baby or a house!

I appreciated the few that thought it was a new brand partnership, clothing line or becoming a FASTer Way head trainer!

We would love to stay in the city forever but our boys are in need of more space to run and jump. We’ve outgrown our home and without a major renovation we’d soon go crazy. Some of you know this but we own a two family building and had initially planned to make it a single family so we could stay. After having 2 boys, and hope for more kids, this plan ultimately did not feel like it was the right fit (at least not right now).

We began looking at houses last winter to get an idea of the market. We chose the area to look based on commute time for Nick and public schools. We initially began looking mainly in Wellesley. While we loved one house, we just weren’t ready to move.

Something popped up off market through mutual friends in June and we knew we had found the one.

The sellers were a wonderful family who had outgrown their beloved home. They weren’t looking to actually move until 2020 which made the decision even easier as it would allow us to stay in Boston longer but took the pressure off of finding a place when we were actually ready to move. We got to avoid the anxiety of open houses or the stress of bidding wars. It would also allow me, crazy momma, to figure out our preK/preschool situation without being under the gun.

The home happened to be in Weston which was also part of our search.

So shortly after the new year, we closed and now we are getting excited for our great suburban migration. I’m in love with the home as it has so much character and charm as well as the neighborhood. We’ve already met a few neighbors and they couldn’t be more welcoming.

New House

So, what now? It’s time to start designing and decorating. I have never hired an interior designer and am looking for leads so if you have someone local that you love, send me a DM on instagram or leave a comment below! Can’t wait to share the home with you guys! Also, any leads on closet renovations? Are California closets all their cracked up to be or is it just good PR???

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